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If you're looking for a technical 4 man tent or a family camping tent for four then look no further; we have a extensive 4... read more

If you're looking for a technical 4 man tent or a family camping tent for four then look no further; we have a extensive 4 person tent range from specialist and technical brands through to family friendly brands.

Camping is an increasingly popular choice for families and small groups of all kinds, but searching for the perfect tent can seem like something of an arduous task. Here at Simply Hike, we're trying to change that - starting with a good range of high-quality tents at a variety of price points. Whether you want to spend a hundred pounds or £800 there's something here for you. We've done all we can to make it easy to choose between the tents, with plenty of ways to learn more about each one and compare them to each other quickly and easily. We offer a comparison chart for quick and easy viewing of each spec and offer a clear floorplan so you can if there's enough room to swing a cat.

For family or weekend camping there are a lot of reasons to choose a four-man tent. Even if there are only two of you, you'll find that they're more spacious and comfortable; there will be plenty of room for all your luggage and chairs and other camping accouterments. Most of them have multiple sections, meaning that everyone in your group can have their own bedroom and you'll still have a central living space to spend time together in during the day. You might be alright with a smaller tent if you're only going for a night or two, but for a proper week or fortnight's camping holiday a larger tent is absolutely essential - especially one that can give the members of your group some proper personal space.

If you're camping as part of an expedition or award scheme like Duke of Edinburgh a four man tent can suit a small group. Some of our more technical group tents allows you to spread the load between your backpacks and look out for lightweight tents in this section. We include the weight and pack dimensions on all our tents whether they're specialist or not so you'll not have any surprises when you receive your order.

Our premium range includes offerings from Vango, Coleman, Robens and Wild Country - all big names in the world of camping. Many of them are well-suited to harsh conditions and rocky terrain, meaning that they'll be of just as much use on the trail as they are on the campsite. A lot of thought has gone into putting this range together, and we hope you like our choices just as much as we do.

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