5 Man Tents

Our range of 5 man tents are perfect for family camping or camping in a group of 5. Although named with 5 person capacity these... read more

Our range of 5 man tents are perfect for family camping or camping in a group of 5. Although named with 5 person capacity these family tents are ideal for 4 to allow space for your baggage but would sleep 5 snuggly.

We offer a range of 5 person tents from big camping brands such as Vango, Coleman and Easy Camp as well as premium brands Outwell and Robens. If you're an experienced camper who likes camping all year round, every year then consider looking at the Outwell tents and Robens 5 man tents.

5 man tents usually offer separate sleeping space to the living space and this offers more privacy when camping in a larger group. These family camping tents provide additional canopies to extend living space and often include windows, vents and even cable vents for your hookup cables.

While you are buying your family tent consider some add ons to make your stay more comfortable as well as extending the life of your tent. We offer a range of matching groundsheets and carpets, additional extensions, windbreaks and tarps which will add shelter.

Whether you are planning an outdoor holiday with the family, or a challenging wilderness trek, you will find well-designed, specialist kit at Simply Hike to keep you safe, warm, dry and well-prepared for any eventuality.

If your adventure is going to be an enjoyable one, you need to take the right shelter with you. Our five men tents are designed for larger parties, and they sleep five comfortably, or four if you want extra space to stow your kit.

We stock tents from the big names in camping gear, like Easy Camp and Vango, with prices starting at around the £160 mark, and for year-round campers the Robens and Outwell are an ideal choice, priced at around £300.

Careful design is paramount when space is at a premium and when you are sharing your sleeping quarters with several other people. All of the tents we stock at Simply Hike have been made with this in mind. Separate sleeping compartments offer campers privacy, and many of the tents feature extending canopies, so you can make good use of the space outside too. Other handy features include vents for hook-up cables.

The Outwell Denison wins consistently good reviews from users, for its ability to stand up to rough weather. Taped seams, a sewn-in groundsheet and the rain-safe front porch all help keep campers dry. But its large windows give the tent an airy, non-claustrophobic feel.

You can also buy extras for our 5 man tent range like windbreaks, tarps and carpets, to give more comfort. If you plan to get a lot of use out of your tent these are all good investments. Of course, outdoor living is all about breaking away from some of the strictures of city living, and shaking off some of its luxuries in favour of a simpler life in the great outdoors, but expertly-designed gear makes it easier to enjoy your adventures in some comfort.

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