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Six man tents are ideal for families and groups of friends to take camping. Typically they provide two or three...

Six man tents are ideal for families and groups of friends to take camping. Typically they provide two or three separate sleeping pods, accessible from a communal living space which is excellent for dining and storing your kit. Most of our family 6 man tents offer a reasonably-sized porch too and this can be opened up by using the door as a canopy which extends the living area further. This means you get the best of both worlds - private sleeping areas and a public space for storing luggage, playing games in the rain and eating. You might even have room to eat at a table, which for camping is a considerably luxury!

As they have to be large enough for six people to move around in at the same time, six man tents are generally quite spacious and there will be standing room. They make a fantastic base to return to after a day spent in the outdoors because they provide plenty of space for various comforts. You could use a six man tent for less people, which would make it even more luxurious! Ideally choose a 6 man tent for family or large group camping when you're away for longer than a weekend. We suggest that the longer your camping holiday is the more space you will need.

Of course, all this space does have its disadvantages. The size of six man tents makes them rather heavy, which means they are best suited to camping with a car. That way, you don't have to carry the tent further than from the car to your chosen spot on the camp site. There are a few, such as the Vango Omega 600, which are light enough to be divided between your party and used on a backpacking trip, but most aren't designed to be carried any further than from your car.

Family tents such as a 6 person tent will be packed full of family friendly features including cable vents for threading your cable through to your hook up. Large windows with tie back privacy curtains and pelmets with storage pockets to make sure you're organised on your trip.

To achieve their size, six man tents usually adopt a tunnel style. This makes them lighter and quicker to pitch than dome or geodesic styles, but may sacrifice a little stability which is why many brands add in some really technical, high spec features such as DAC poles or a tension band system which both enhance stability making the tent strong in winds. We suggest always pitching the tent with the end facing into the wind for added stability and be sure to properly peg out all the guy ropes.

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