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12 Hiking Gizmos That Make Climbing Everest Easy


These 12 Gadgets Will Allow Even The Most Unfit/Untrained Person To Ascend Everest.


1. Robot Legs

Forget worrying about getting tired on the ascent.

These leg braces have more than 40 sensor powered by an onboard combustion engine and the capability to carry 70lbs.

This second pair of legs should make climbing Everest simple.




2. Paragliding

Some say the hardest part of climbing Everest is the climb down. Why not spend $4,100 for a lightweight paraglider and just float back to base camp? It might sound ridiculous but mountaineers have been paragliding off the summit of Everest since 1986.




3. Oxygen Generating Backpack For Thin-Air Adventures


It’s likely that you will require oxygen above 8,000metres but why not reduce the weight of carrying up your own oxygen bottles with this backpack oxygen generator.

This Japanese designed backpack will provide 2 hours of O2 and can even be controlled with a remote control.

At a cost of $880 to $1,150 this backpack doesn’t come cheap.

It might still be worth taking the odd bottle of oxygen just in case the batteries run out.




4. A Laptop You Can Use At Summit

Everest might be 8,340 metres above sea level but this does not mean you wont be able to update your status on Facebook.

This GoBook- MR1 was the first ever laptop to send an email from the summit of Everest to the USA.

It comes featured back with the ability to be dropped 36in and can work at -23°C  so you will stop working before this laptop does

At $5,000 this Gobook makes your high end Mac Book Pro look cheap.




5. Boot Warmers

Finally you can keep frost bite at bay with these boot warmers.

These are not the most masculine of gadgets and you sadly there’ll be no stories to tell your grandkids about how you lost your toes.

These warming pads from Hostronic are attached to a battery pack and can provide warm feet for 5 and half hours on one charge.

This $200 gizmo might keep your toes warm but it still won’t be able to anything about the smell.




6. Satellite Phone

Finally you can still make that important conference call whilst your making the final ascent.

Whilst it might look like an old 90’s Nokia 5110 this Iridium phone has has 100% global coverage.

The latest model even allows internet access via a windows XP laptop (so you can connect it to you GoBook- MR1.)

However with a $999 set up cost and $10 a minute call charge this is not a phone for climbing on a budget.



7. Space Station Camping Tent

Whilst it might look like something out of ET this mountain hardwear tent is like a home away from home.

This technological masterpiece protects you from the elements using:


  • Yunan Scandium PF poles (this is the same material used in the Mig 29 – source)
  • Titanium Dioxide coated 40D fly fabric (protection from the sun’s rays)These $6000 tents are designed for Himalaya and Arctic expeditions, but you would need the robot legs to be able to carry this up Everest: It weighs 54 pounds in its pack.  If you decide to leave the robot legs at home then i suggest you get one of the Sherpas to carry it.



8. Jet Pack?

This 200 horsepower dual-propeller packs can travel at 60mph for up to 30miles on a full tank of fuel. Sadly in tests this jet pack only reached heights of 7,800ft  which would mean you will still need to climb the extra 21,229ft!



9. Mountian Hardwear Refugium Jacket

This is another gizmo you might want to keep quiet about with your mountaineering friends (none of them have electric blankets hidden under their coat).

The battery pack that heats the coat also charges your phone for 11 full charges. If you want to listen to some music it can also be used to charge your ipod twenty times.




10. Unmanned Helicopter Rescue

Normally if something goes wrong at the summit you either climb down or die. The designers behind the Snark have provided a specialised unmanned helicopter that has the capability of going beyond the range of manned helicopters. This UAV helicopter can operate at altitudes above and beyond 30,000ft (9000metres.)

Unfortunately dominos has not quite mastered unmanned pizza deliveries so it might be a way off before you celebrate the summit with a hot pizza.




11. Nintendo DS

What's the best way to spend your time whilst a 100mph blizzard forces you to spend the day in your $6000 dollar tent? Playing solitaire on the GoBook MR-1 will soon get boring so remember to throw your DS into your backpack. In a recent expedition, climbers told reporters that their Nintendo DS held up best out of all their electronic equipment.




12. High-Tech Sledge with Shock Absorber

This gadget will get the respect of your mountaineering buddies. Show them how to descend in style with this shock absorbing sledge.

You can modify the sledges shock absorber to match both your weight and terrain for the perfect ride.

This sledge costs less than $400 but stories of sledging down Everest are priceless.