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Our single camp beds and inflatable mattresses are ideal for solo camping trips or camping as part of a group...
Our single camp beds and inflatable mattresses are ideal for solo camping trips or camping as part of a group or family and offer a world of comfort to aid a good nights sleep. If you're in need of a spare bed for a spontaneous guest then look no further than our single air bed department.

Our single airbeds and camping beds have been selected from bestselling camping brands such as Outwell, Coleman and Vango and are high quality products.

Ensure you buy an air pump too for easy inflating and deflating and this will knock minutes off your packing and unpacking time. Deflating with a pump also helps with packing your airbed away and will keep the bed compact and easy to store until required again.

After a long day's hiking, exploring, or your outdoor activity of choice, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable bed to sleep in. Naturally, you want to be able to sink into a relaxed sleep on a comfortable bed instead. Sleeping options abound for campers. The cheapest option is the cheap and cheerful foam mats. A step up the comfort scale are inflatable sleeping mats, which are usually no more than an inch thick. They're a good trade-off between comfort and weight. For true camping luxury though, you need an air bed.

Many air beds are nearly the same thickness as a standard mattress like you'd have on a bed at home, so they provide a great deal of comfort. Camping air beds are available in both single and double sizes so you can still share with your partner - for extra warm, obviously - especially if you buy a double sleeping bag as well.

Of course, due to their size, air beds are bulkier and heavier than the alternatives. They take up more room in the tent and even when deflated they are still likely to be bigger, so it's a compromise between comfort and bulk. Unless you're backpacking though, comfort wins every time!

These high-quality designs from top brands are intended to be quickly inflated and many come with a pump to make it even easier. That way you can get your bed set up and go straight to sleep, which is perfect if you arrive at the site late and just want to sleep. The pump also lets you deflate the air bed quickly so you can store it.

You can even use air beds at home. They're ideal if you need a spare bed to put up unexpected guests but don't have the room for a permanent, solid bed.

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Flock Excellent Single Bed
£26.59 Regular price RRP £37.99


Cimelia Single Airbed Sleep System
£62.99 Regular price RRP £89.99


Flow Airbed Single
£52.49 Regular price RRP £74.99


Posadas Foldaway Bed - Single
£41.99 Regular price RRP £59.99


4 Leg Campbed 2 - Excalibur
£15.40 Regular price RRP £22.00