Although not absolutely essential for camping, being able to keep food and drink cool for long periods of time greatly...

Although not absolutely essential for camping, being able to keep food and drink cool for long periods of time greatly enhances the menu and gives added enjoyment to a well-earned beer at the end of a long day. Most campers opt for a cool box; an insulated container which minimises heat transfer that is then packed with frozen coolers around the food to lower the temperature. This combination can keep comestibles cold for up to three days, depending on the ambient temperature, number of times the box is opened, how full it is and how many ice packs have been employed.

Some cool boxes run on electricity and can be supplied from your car battery via the cigarette lighter. This is an excellent solution for longer, static camps but clearly of limited benefit for back packers or cyclists. The more traditional plastic double-walled cooler is suitable for shorter trips where weight and volume aren't an issue. These are popular choices with many campers as they are extremely robust and normally perform well. Particularly when storing food, some people freeze their milk or butter before setting out, allowing it to slowly thaw in the cool box. Adopting this tactic improves the time that food will remain in an acceptable condition.

If you need to keep equipment to a minimum but still wish to enjoy the benefits of a cooler, it may be worth investing in a smaller box with a single cooler, particularly one made of flexible, light-weight material which can cope with some squashing whilst in transit. This type of cooler provides sufficient space for a carton of milk or can of drink whilst being small enough to fit in a rucksack or bike pannier. When temperatures soar, a portable cooler can also be a superb choice for a day excursion when a cold packed lunch would be a welcome option.

Our quality, high performance coolers and cool boxes keep food, drink and beer cold and are ideal for camping or picnics at home. There are a range of sizes and capacities available, from 13 - 94 litre. Cooler fridges have a 12v plug for use in the back of cars. We stock Campingaz, Easy Camp and Coleman cool boxes for a wide range of uses.

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