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Ski Clothing Advice


Maybe the most important part of your ski wear is your ski jacket. If you choose the wrong ski jacket you could make your winter sports holiday less enjoyable, and end up cold and soggy on the slopes. At Simply Hike there are a large number of men's ski jackets and boy's ski jackets for you to choose from. These come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes, and your winter sport needs. Again, all of the jackets available are specially made with skiing and winter sports in mind, and incorporate specialist technology to ensure the wearer stays warm and keeps dry. Each men's ski jacket comes with it’s own long list of key features, such as – Seam sealed, Underarm venting, Hand warmer, stash, inner music and mesh goggles pockets, Removable powder skirts and Adjustable waists to name but a few.

The same features are available for both women's ski jackets and girl's ski jackets. The designs tend to be a little more feminine in their style, but the ski jackets are just as well made and as durable as those found in the mens ski jacket range.



Regardless of your chosen winter sport, there is one thing that you’re going to need to complete your ski wear look… ski pants. Again, like most items of ski wear your ski pants come in a wide range of colours and styles for you to choose from. Many of the more modern loose fitting ski pants now come with advanced stretching to make them extra comfortable and perfect for those extreme sports. You can choose ski pants with and without braces, and those that do come with brace straps are often detachable. Just like your ski jacket, your ski pants need to be made from the same hard wearing and waterproof materials. Many of the ski pants found at Simply Hike incorporate specialist technology to ensure that the wearer continues to remain warm and dry. You’ll find a wide selection of womens ski pants and children's ski pants here at the site. All are made to the same high standard, and will simply last and last.




When it comes to choosing salopettes, you have to make sure you buy the right pair for you and what snow sport you have in mind. First things first, you have to make sure that your salopettes fit properly. If you buy a pair and they’re too tight you’ll have trouble moving around, which will cause issues with your winter sport activities. As well as comfort, you need to think about style. If you’re buying your salopettes and you ski jacket separately, then they’re going to need to work together aesthetically. Last but not least, you need to find a pair of salopettes that are not only going to keep you warm and dry, but a pair that are going to last longer than one ski season. You’ll be able to find a wide range of mens salopettes, womens salopettes and even children's salopettes here at Simply Hike. Most of which come with plenty of key features such as waterproof and wind proof, seam sealing, adjustable braces and waists to name but a few.




Even when you’re spending time away from the slopes you’ll still need to be wearing the right clothing. Your regular everyday clothes just won’t cut it on your ski holiday, and instead you’re going to need some casual ski wear. Remember, it’s going to be cold, so you’ll need to keep wrapped up even when you’re not skiing or snowboarding. So, it’s a great idea to grab yourself a few fleeces, a body warmer and a hoodie or two to throw in your suitcase.

When it comes to casual ski wear for men, you’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of garments including fleeces, body warmers and sweaters from some of the best names around at Simply Hike. You’ll find items from Dare2B all the way to Salomon. These trusted names will make sure that you stay warm, and stay looking cool.

If you’re looking for womens casual ski wear then Simply Hike has got you covered once again. For those times when you’re away from the slopes you’re going to need plenty of warm clothing options to keep away the cold weather. You’ll need to take everything from a good quality fleece to a slouchy hoodie. Not only will you be able to choose from a wide range of styles and colours, but there are many brand names for you to choose from including ski wear favourites Roxy and The North Face.




To help you save some money on the cost of your ski trip and equipment, it’s always a great idea to buy a complete ski suit, rather than buying your jacket and ski pants / salopettes separately. Your complete ski suit will provide you with the perfect outer layer for your forthcoming inter sports trip. These types of suits will usually consist of a matching hooded ski jacket and pants with straps.

If you’re taking your little ones away for their very first ski trip, then it’s essential that you buy them complete childrens ski suits. These inexpensive options will ensure that your little ones have the right outer layer to protect them from the harsh elements. These cute little suits come in a wide variety of colour and in two pieces with a comfortable matching jacket and pants. The adjustable dungarees make it easy to get the pants on, and you’ll know that they won’t be falling down when your kids hit the slopes.





When it comes time to packing your case, there is usually one essential skiing item most folks have forgotten all about…  ski gloves. If you leave this essential item behind you’ll soon regret it when you hit those minus temperatures. Just like most ski wear, gloves come in three different kinds, mens gloves, womens gloves and childrens gloves. At Simply Hike there are a large variety of gloves for you to choose from to ensure that you find the perfect pair for the whole family.




When it comes to staying dry this ski season, there is one piece of essential kit we all need… the right base layer. In order for you to stay warm during your ski, it’s important that you chose the right kind of base layer. An old t-shirt just won’t cut it. Instead you need specially designed base layers for your top and bottom. At the Simply Hike site, you’ll find base layer mens, base layer womens and even base layer children's wear. Icebreaker, Helly Hansen and North Face create some of the most effective base layers around, so be sure to check these out. This range includes long sleeved tee designs as well as leggings to help you stay nice and warm in the cold cold snow.

You can buy your base layers mens separately or as a set. The top base layer is often a tight fitting crew neck with long sleeves. These are made using stay dry technology, which help the wearer stay warm and dry, as the moisture is drawn away from the skin. Many of our ski mens base layers come with two unique layers – one works hard to keep you warm whilst the other is working to keep the moisture build up away from your body. This helps keep you both comfortable and sweat free all day long.

The legging style base layer pants use the same technology, and keep your bottom half just as warm and dry as your top. You may find that buying a base layer mens set is most cost effective, and will help save you a little money on your purchase.

Again, when it comes to womens base layers you’ll again find that buying a base layer set is most cost effective, and will help you save. The womens base layer sets consist of a long sleeved crew neck tee and a legging style pant. These sets come with a micro rib, which allows the air to circulate, helping you to stay sweat free for longer. The materials are fast drying and they are ultra flexible and comfortable for all day wear.

Simply Hike have even got your little ones covered at this site, and we offer a variety of base layer childrens wear for you to choose from. Again, they come in both separates and sets, and incorporate the same high level material technology to ensure that even your little ones are able to stay warm and dry for a lot longer on the slopes.




So, you’ve got your base layer, and you’ve got your outer layer too, but what about your mid layer? That’s right you’re going to need to put something between your base layer and outer layer to ensure that you stay warm and dry whilst you’re skiing or snowboarding. So, it’s time to find the perfect mid layer to complete your ski outfit.

When it comes to womens mid layers you’ll often find that fleeces are the most popular go to choice for the ladies. But, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from including jackets and sweaters that are just as effective for mid layer wear.

Mens mid layer clothing is very similar and once again, it’s those fleeces that are the most popular mid layer item. But, just like the women's range you’ll have plenty of options to choose from at Simply Hike, including mid layer jackets from some of the best ski wear names around.




Just like your ski gloves, choosing the right socks for your ski holiday is something many folks overlook. Remember, it’s going to be pretty cold out there on these slopes, so your regular cotton ankle socks just won’t do the trick. Instead you’re going to need some specialist ski socks to make sure your feet are kept nice and toasty. Men and women can choose pairs from the same adult ski socks range, as they come in a large variety of sizes and styles to suit all tastes. But when it comes to the little ones, you’re going to need to buy them their very one childrens ski socks. You’re little ones will soon get sick of the slopes if their toes are too cold, so make sure you remember to pack plenty of pairs of ski socks for the whole family.