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With the increasing popularity of 'three seasons' camping and trekking in extreme conditions, both in the UK and elsewhere, fuel and gas has become an... read more

With the increasing popularity of 'three seasons' camping and trekking in extreme conditions, both in the UK and elsewhere, fuel and gas has become an increasingly important accessory.

For all-weather backpacking trips, adequate fuel and gas supplies are absolutely essential to keep the stove functioning. And if the stove works, so will everyone else. Remember it's mainly hot drinks and hot food you will need to keep your energy and chin up - cold rations and squash rarely lift the spirits in the same way! Bear in mind too that, as technology continues to refine the function and performance of traditional outdoor equipment, despite the added convenience of 'fast-boil' equipment etc., it can sometimes be tricky to keep track of which appliances are fuel-specific, and which are fairly adaptable. Even where an appliance will tolerate alternatives, for maximum efficiency, it's often necessary to use the manufacturer's recommended fuel or gas. If your trip is entirely self-supporting, detailed planning of your fuel and gas requirements will be a necessity and must especially consider the weight and storage implications of your available options which may include gas cartridges, liquid fuel, or even fuel tabs.

Though warm-weather on-site camping, or trips with vehicle support, will have different requirements to backpacking, there are probably even more appliance options. Larger stoves, for example, will offer more burners and more 'cooking power', but they will also use more fuel, perhaps requiring the use of larger gas bottles or fuel containers. Many modern campers may expect other comforts too, such as heaters to take away the chills, lanterns to add a homely glow, a gas fridge for food storage, maybe a barbeque, and perhaps even a portable (gas) camping shower. These will, of course, enhance your comfort and make your camping experience more enjoyable than ever. Just remember they won't function without fuel and gas supplies.

Fuel and gas is essential for your camping stove, camping lantern or even heater for when the nights get colder. We provide gas from Coleman, Campingaz, Go Systems and Jetboil which are designed to fit specific products and are suggested to enhance the efficiency of your camping appliance. Please note that gas can only be shipped in box quantities to Mainland UK.

Our fuels include butane and propane mix gas canisters as well as liquid fuels for unleaded camping kit. We offer a range of sized camping gas canisters which means you can choose a camping fuel depending on how lightweight you want to travel.

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