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14 Climbing Dogs

Check out these 14 Crazy Climbing Canines!


1. Climbing Mountains


Max’s owner certainly can throw far, but he’s struggling to find his rubber ball. Or maybe he’s just having another existential moment. Source




2. ‘Ard Rock Climbing 


Rex needs no belaying for this wall; he’s ‘ard as nails. He’s been training for Crystal Maze for months (to the right, to the RIGHT! keep going Rex!). Source




3. Urban Climbing


Built like the concrete he pads on, Rocky is the Godfather. He don’t wanna kill everyone…just his enemies. Source




4. Dog Coming Down Mountain


Remember: Steep gradient slope + Dog on Lead = Likelihood of Death. So don’t forget your trusty crampons!




5. Bamboo Climbing 


Little Barney spent most of his puppyhood playing with koala bears. Maybe he should audition for Australian Andrex Tissue?




6. Dog Sherpa


Who would have thought of a Labrador on a rescue mission in the jungle?! 




7. Summit Achieved


This furry friend was built for the great heights. I’d certainly be keen for little cuddle when it get’s a little chilly up there.




8. Dog Scrambling


Rules for Rock Climbing- 4 Paws Good, 2 legs bad.




9. Kissing A Tree 


This young Wishbone look-a-like has found his Maid Marion…in the form of a tree. 




10. Climbing Wall Dog has a go at a manmade climbing wall


Bubbles thought he’d take up a new hobby…but even grade 3 blue footings appear a little too terrifying.




11. Dog Climbing A Green Ladder


Henry found a niche in the decorating trade licking up excess paint.


12. Wally the Dog Doing His First 5.8 Slab


Let’s hope this dog doesn’t end up being hauled up as those mini paws look perfect for fitting in the little gaps. 




13. Dog Gets Stuck In Tree


This cute looking puppy chewed one too many pairs of heels, so his owner kept him in a place where he could cause no more damage…




14. Dog Belay


Those stupid humans don’t realise that 4 legs are actually pretty good for climbing.