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5 Hiking Trails That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for a fresh new trail to dust off those cobwebs and knock your socks off? Here are our favourite hiking routes to try when you're on the hunt for a little wow factor...




Tour Du Mont Blanc, France



Dust off your walking boots and grab your passport because it’s not everyday that one trail goes through three different countries. The TMB trail is popular for all types of hikers, even though the trail is roughly 105 miles long, it has something for everyone.


The most popular route starts and ends at Les Houches in France and during the trail you will hike though Entreves in Italy and Fenetre d’Arpette.


With breathtaking views of Mont Blanc throughout, it offers up some truly amazing views. Traveling between three different countries also means you experience all types of cultures as an added bonus.





Overland Track, Tasmania



This 40 mile trek is one of the most popular hikes in Tasmania. The trail itself is well defined and highly marked making it great for all types of hikers.


Along the way you will pass the amazing Lake St Clair, Cradle Mountain and Ferguson Falls. Whilst not being as long as the TMB, the sights you see will be just as beautiful and diverse.


There are also huts along the way for people to stay in overnight making it possible to complete the trail in 6 days. The most popular way to travel is from north to south, and this direction is mandatory between October to May.





Pacific Crest, USA



This trail you can complete very quickly due to how short it is. Just joking, it’s 2659 miles long! Designated in 1968, this impressive and well known route was completed in 1993 and has been popular among hikers ever since.


Along the way you will pass though Santa Rosa, Sierra Nevada, California and end up in Washington. The main challenge for this route is completing it as a thru hike, this is when people try to hike a trail all in one go… that’s pretty impressive.


The most common way to start the hike is from the south at the Mexico /US border and due to it being a thru hike there are several resupply points scattered across the trail should you decide to try this option.


Over the past few years ultra-lightweight hikers have been challenging themselves to complete the trail in the quickest time as the Pacific Crest is the most highly regarded trail to complete as a ultra light hiker.





Long Range Traverse, Canada



If you fancy a challenge then the Long Range Traverse might be the one for you. The trail itself is mainly unmarked so it will really push your navigation skills.


Starting at Western Brook Pond the trail takes you along the Long Range Mountains and then south towards Gros Morne Moutain and then onto Ferry Gulch.


The trial is roughly 21 miles long and takes around 3 to 4 days to complete. Along the trail you will hike, scramble, and if you want to, climb sections of the trail.


On the trail you will have breath-taking views of Little Pond Island, Western Brook Pond, Green Island Pond and of course Ferry Gulch.





Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand



Just shy of 1865 miles, the Te Araroa isn’t a walk in the park. The trail opened in December 2011 and has proven to be one of the most popular trails in New Zealand. The trail stretches from Cape Reinga in the north to Bluff in the south.


The trail, just like the TMB, can be hiked in one go or broken up to be explored in sections. However you do it, the views will be spectacular.


In order to hike the trail you do need to register just so the government can keep a track on who’s walking and when. You can download trail notes, maps and even a Google Earth trail on the official website.




Which trail do you like the look of the most?