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5 pioneering female adventurers you should know about

These inspirational women are pioneering the way forward in adventure sports. From reaching the North and South Pole to swimming across 7 oceans, for these women, adventure sees no limit to help fulfil your potential. And they’re here to inspire you to get outside. Here are the 5 female adventurers you need to know.



Lizzie Outside

Working in London, Lizzie was slowly climbing the corporate ladder. When everything should have been falling into place, something was missing. With a rushed lifestyle; she couldn’t put her all into everything, or even anything, and it made her feel unfulfilled.

Lizzie decided upon a change of scenery. She quit her job and took a wondrous adventure (for several months) in some of the most remote locations across the globe. From crossing the Trans-Siberian railway to tracking down the evanescent Snow Leopard, every day was an adventure.  

On her return, Lizzie received the most startling news. She was diagnosed with cancer. Faced with death, the reasons to live and to live to enjoy became alarmingly apparent.

So, whilst adjusting her outlook on life, Lizzie turned to paddle boarding to aid her recovery process. By May 2016, she became one of the first people in the world to paddleboard 400 miles alone. Her mission aimed to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our waters.

This necessary and powerful campaign didn’t stop there. Lizzie has since created a #Plastic Patrol movement, inspiring others to take action against the worsening plastic problem through adventure and nature.



Beth French

Despite becoming wheelchair bound with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) at the age of 17, Beth didn’t let her illness hinder her passion for swimming.

Beth took to open water swimming and pushed herself through some of the hardest endurance tests imaginable. She has swum across the oceans of the world, including being one of the first to finish the Scilly Island challenge which involves swimming across the islands in cold water with often challenging conditions.  She lives by the mantra of always living to fulfil your full potential – exploring how far your body can take you. And enjoying the ride.

Beth’s epic adventure – swimming across 7 oceans – was filmed to document the good, the bad and the exciting aspects to her journey. ‘Against the tide’, has been curated by BAFTA-nominated filmmakers and is sure to spotlight the extraordinary adventure in stunning cinematic beauty. Discover the film here.   


Dee Caffari

Dee is one of the first women in the world to finish a full sailing excursion around the globe. Battling against challenging weather conditions and unruly sea currents, she persevered to hit impressive records in 2006.

Her passion and ambition for sailing didn’t stop there. She also completed the Vendee Globe – an around the world trip, which she took alone and without stopping. By 2011, she competed in the Barcelona World Race, which saw her reach the record books as the only woman ever to have travelled around the globe, non-stop and three times.



Sian Lewis

Travel writer, magazine editor, public speaker and adventurer – there isn’t much Sian can’t (and won’t) do.  

Sian’s ‘The Girl Outdoors’ blog has won travel blog of the year in 2014, 2015 and 2018 for its advocacy of simple outdoor adventures. She aims to inspire her readers – no matter the experience level – to get involved and get outdoors.  Her zealous attitude to adventure has taken her to unbelievable places – from the Arctic waters in Greenland to surfing in Sri Lanka.

Now, she’s released her first book (self-titled after her blog) brimmed with impressive knowledge and achievable ideas by guiding you to spend your precious time getting active outside.



Ann Daniels

Named by the Telegraph as one of the top 20 greatest British adventurers ever, Ann Daniels has surpassed tremendous challenges. 

Ann began her Polar career when she answered an advert for the McVities Penguin Polar relay. She immediately fell in love with expedition life and the Polar Regions and has since taken part in many expeditions, breaking many records along the way.  With 14 Polar expeditions now under her belt, including a North Pole solo expedition where she skied alone across Russian pack ice, she is a strong believer in the power of positive mental attitude and teamwork to make a success of every adventure.


Forget experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), getting outside will open your life to new possibilities and a wilder way to adventure. Why not find how the outdoors can champion your happiness now. To get started, why not plan a hike for the family? Read about organising the adventure here.