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7 Tips For Leaving No Trace When Camping

7 tips for leaving no trace when camping Here are seven hiking hacks to help you leave no trace when hiking and wild camping this summer.

Know Before You Go

  • Be prepared. Take enough food, water and clothes to protect you from the wind rain and the sun.
  • Use a map and compass when hiking on the trails, this stops you getting lost and disrupting wildlife.
  • When you go on your trip find out as much as you can about the area you will be hiking and camping in.
  • If you're taking your pet don't forget a leash and a bag for your pet's waste.

Stick To The Trails

  • Whether you're walking or cycling keep to the trails provided to protect trail side plants.
  • Don't step on any flowers, plants or small trees. Once damaged they may not grow back.
  • Respect private and designated property by staying off it.
  • When camping only pitch on existing campsites to avoid damaging wildlife.
  • Always remember this: "good campsites are found, not made!"

Throw Away Your Rubbish

  • If you carry it there then carry it back! Take your crumbs, peels and cores home with you.
  • Use bathrooms and 'outhouses' when possible. If you can't always bury human waste.
  • When picking up pet's waste, use a plastic bag and dispose of it properly.
  • Don't contaminate the water. Don't put soap, food or human/pet waste into lakes, rivers or streams.

Leave It As You Find It

  • Treat plants and wildlife with respect. Hacking, carving or peeling plants may kill them.
  • Leave all plants, rocks and wildlife as you find them for other people to enjoy them.

Do You Really Need A Fire

  • Use a camp stove for cooking.
  • If you want a campfire make sure you have permission from the land owner first.
  • Firewood should be bought from a shop or gathered from the ground. Don't cut down trees / branches.
  • Burn all the wood into ash and make sure its 100% out before you leave.
  • Protect the area around you and use fire rings - preferably ones that are already there.

Keep The Wildlife Wild

  • Observe the wildlife with great distance.
  • Clean up after yourself, human food is unhealthy for all wildlife.
  • Protect the wildlife by storing your waste in secure bags.

 Always Share The Trails & Manage your Pets

  • Be considerate to other hikers and cyclists when passing on a trail.
  • Avoid making loud noises, you will see more of the wildlife that way.
  • Keep your pets on their leads.
  • Have fun and enjoy the outdoors but don't bother anyone else.
  2 For more information go to the LNT website. We would love to hear what you do to leave 'no trace' when out walking so comment below.