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7 Ways to Stay Warm While Skiing

Cold weather what maintains a good layer of snow that is needed in a skiing spot. As much as cold weather is needed, staying warm is also essential if you are planning to ski on the slopes of Alps in France. When making plans for skiing, people tend to omit the small things that can later ruin their whole experience. Some ways to make your trip all the more comfortable are given here: 1. Layering up Wear as many layers of clothing as you can without hampering your flexibility a lot. You can start by wearing soft clothing and end with water-proof nylon clothing. This will keep you warm and ventilated throughout your skiing period. 2. Avoid Cotton Avoid cotton. Cotton, when it gets wet, stays that way. It traps the moisture over your body instead of allowing it to ventilate through the clothing. This will give you the chills and you start getting cold again. 3. Choose the Right Accessories Accessories are as important as clothing itself. Wear water-proof gloves to keep your hands warm and dry. Gloves will be extremely helpful when you fall in the snow. Boots should be of similar quality. Also remember to have ski goggles and scarves to protect your face. 4. Heat packs Using heat packs will give you additional warmth in parts that get cold easily. Use these in your boots or under your gloves. It is pretty effective and you won't need to worry about cold toes any more. 5. Eat This may sound as unnecessary but it's very important that you eat a hearty meal before you ski. Food containing lots of fat is a plus. The metabolism of your body will burn up the food and keep your body warm from within. 6. Be on the move Keep moving! The most important step to continuously stay warm while skiing is to keep moving. Movement generates heat and keeps the blood circulation active throughout the body. When going in the cold, work out to stay a bit warm, so that you don't instantly feel the cold. 7. Use Head gear Head gear is another important requirement for skiing. Not only does it protect you when fall down, but also helps you retain the heat lost from your head. For good measure, wear ear muffs too. Apart from these, you should also make sure the clothes you wear allow ventilation and don't let sweat stick to the body. When taking breaks, ensure you have hot food or drinks to keep you warm. Skiing in the Alps is a treat in itself. So, prepare accordingly and you will have the best time of your life! Burger Davis Sotheby's International Realty are a leading luxury villa rental company who provide a wide variety of the finest and best luxury property, villas and apartments on the French Riviera, including much sort after St Tropez villas and apartments in Cannes as well as stunning French Riviera wedding venues.