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9 Essential Tips for Travelling Light on Your Ski Holiday

Taking luggage on holiday is fraught with complications. It must not exceed the weight limit, it has to be checked-in and why is it always the last piece of luggage to arrive on the conveyor belt at the other end, if it ever does arrive that is! According to Which, around 25 million pieces of passenger luggage is lost each year. With all that in mind it's not difficult to see why hand luggage holidays are increasing in popularity. You can check-in for your flight online, walk straight into the boarding lounge and don't have to spend any longer at the airport than you have to. Here's how to pack for a week's holiday in just one piece of hand luggage. 1. Choose a Lightweight Soft Bag Rather Than a Wheeled Case It's more forgiving when it comes to fitting in the overhead locker and allows for more 'stuffing'. 2. Make a List of Essential Items to Pack Most holidaymakers pack far too much so plan your outfits carefully and consider what will be provided at the hotel such as hairdryers, complimentary soap, towels, etc. 3. Limit the Toiletries Buy travel sized toiletries and take only essential make-up. Remember the 100ml rule. If you can, leave them out and resolve to buy when you get there as various bottles and potions all add up to increase the weight. 4. Know Your Limits Be sure to find out what weight allowance your airline allocates for hand luggage as each airline is different. Weigh your bag before you leave to ensure it falls within that allowance as it would all be for nothing if you had to check it in. 5. Hire Ski Equipment on Arrival Rather than buying and taking your own ski equipment, many companies allow you to hire online, and collect the kit once you arrive at the resort. Although this is not ideal for regular skiers, the money saved on excess baggage fares can really add up. 6. Bundle Pack This involves getting one core item and wrapping others round it, so the core item could be a folded pair of jeans around which you will wrap t-shirts. This is the most effective way of saving space. 7. Clothing Wear heavy clothes to the airport. So dress in jeans, a t-shirt, a jumper, jacket and walking shoes. This saves the lighter clothes for your bag. Be ruthless and choose a small number of pieces that can co-ordinate together to create a number of different outfits. 8. Pockets Stuff into your pockets your camera, iPod, chargers as well as your important documents such as passport and boarding tickets. These can all be transferred to your bag once you are on the plane. 9. Invest in Multi-Purpose Items Things such as trousers that unzip to become shorts, a sarong that can be worn as a skirt, an all in one bodywash that can also be used as a shampoo and to clean pots. A little creative thinking and preparation can go a long way. At the end of the day, so long as you have your passport and documents then you can buy the rest once you arrive, nothing is that essential! So when saving money on late holiday deals, think about saving even more costs and opt for hand luggage only.