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A beginners' guide to skiing lingo

You might be new to skiing but there is no way we're going to let you out on the slops without knowing the skiing lingo. Afterall, as every newcomer to a sport knows, you can get away with looking less than skilful if you're using the right kit, wearing the right clothing and understand the language. Slush: Looks like a Slush puppy but rarely comes in the same luridly bright blues or greens. Slush in skiing parlance is when the snow is just starting to melt and has a slushy consistency. It also looks a little like wet granulated sugar. This kind of snow is wet and sticky and will slow you down. Carving: The term used for skiing on the edge of your skis. So your ski edges "carve" into the snow. This is the next step on from snow plough terms - and the sort of technique you'll be learning in your ski lessons. (By the way, ski lessons are totally cool, as everyone knows you'll never become a top skier with a few lessons.) Angulation: The next step on from carving, angulation is the movement that gives you a higher degree of skiing on the edges of the skis. You'll need to learn how to bend at the ankles, knees and hips. Even if you've not mastered this skill yet, at least you'll know what the ski instructor is talking about when they mention it! Powder: The fresh snow that (hopefully) falls overnight or during the week before oyur ski trip. Powder is soft and velvety and oh-so-lovely for skiing. Crud: The opposite of powder, crud is the type of snow that is lumpy and creates an uneven and slippery surface. Milk run: The first ski run of the down, and (again, hopefully) on fresh powder snow. Herringbone: The technique that skiers use to move up a  slope,  which leaves a herringbone-style pattern behind them. Moguls: These are the lumpy and bumpy areas of snow on a piste. Until you've mastered the basics of skiing it's probably best to leave the mogul fields out. Once you're a bit more skilful check out our guide to skiing moguls. Fall line: This is straightest and steepest line down a ski slope. It's fast and difficult but many top skiers reckon this is the best way to get down a mountain. You'll maybe want to leave this until you've learned the basics!