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A Guide to Skiing Jackets

  Choosing a ski jacket need not be tricky or expensive, in fact as long as you know what to look for and where to get top quality gear, you can ensure that you’ll have a great jacket to hit the slopes in that will keep you both warm, dry, and looking great too! Size Know your usual size then try on a few styles to choose the best one to suit you. Just remember that you’ll be wearing a few layers underneath so you may want to leave a little room for this. Also remember that it is a SKI jacket this means you’ll be SKIING in it – don’t pick a jacket where you can’t move your arms or your body. Move around as you try it on so you know it won’t restrict your movement. Weatherproof Your jacket needs to protect you from the elements and when you are hitting the slopes; you may be faced with a range of weather conditions. In general, when you’re up a mountain the sun is blazing, but it can also be windy. A jacket that has a tightly woven fabric will protect you from the wind and keep you warm even in the strongest of winds. Similarly, waterproof jackets are ideal for skiing as falling over in the snow is always a possibility – especially if you’re not an experienced skier. A jacket that’s waterproof will keep you dry and warmer for longer. Practical There are certain extra features some ski jackets have which make different styles more practical than others. For example, collars which zip up high at the collar prevents wind or snow getting inside the jacket, ensuring warmth and dryness all day. Elasticated cuffs are also an additional feature some jackets may have which keeps out water. Elastic sleeves also allow free movement which makes skiing much easier. With glove clips at the end of the sleeve as well, you can easily take off your ski gloves at a moment’s notice and not risk losing them! Keep pockets in mind as well – rather than taking a bag to the slopes, keep valuables in securely zipped pockets. You don’t need to take much more with you than a wallet and a set of keys anyway, so rucksacks full of items shouldn’t be necessary anyway. Just make sure you don’t put anything in your back trouser pocket or you could have a bit of a sharp landing! Fashion Statement! It doesn’t all have to be about practicality – you want to look good when you’re skiing as well, right? Right! So buy matching or colour coordinated ski clothes, helmets, boots and gloves and have fun. Vintage prints, bright colours or interesting patterns all feature on ski jackets so it’s just a case of choosing one you love, hitting the slopes and turning a few heads!