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A Simply Hike Guide to First Aid Kits for Hikers!

  A Guide to First Aid Kits for Hikers While hiking is great fun and very enjoyable, there is also an element of unpredictability involved. For instance, you may become sick and injured while hiking and be miles from help. As with any emergency situation, the injury should be assessed, if it's yourself or another person, they should be immobilised and kept warm. Simultaneously, if others are with you they may need to seek help or rescue. So, the importance of always having a first aid kit that contains the most relevant items is one not to be ignored or taken lightly. Gauze This material is absolutely critical to have on-hand while hiking. Gauze can be employed as a tourniquet, a simple bandage to help stem the flow of blood loss and it can be used in combination with a splint and gauze or it also serves as excellent cordage for various other needs. Emergency Blanket These space-age blankets are comprised of Mylar and will help retain one's body temperature in cold or damp conditions and should be used with any serious injury. Additionally, these blankets can be used as signalling devices from the ground. Ibuprofen Ibuprofen is a mild pain killer and should be another component taken into account when hiking. Ibuprofen also helps to reduce swelling should a hiker sprain an ankle or wrist. Cutting Devices In this sense a cutting device can either be a pair of scissors or straight razors. These will obviously come in handy when preparing a field dressing. However, there are times when clothes may need to be cut away from the site of an injury to prevent infection. Thus, taking something that can cut through a variety of materials is very useful. Triangular Bandages A well-prepared first aid kit should contain two of these bandages. Their triangular shape is perfectly designed when an arm needs to be placed into a sling and immobilised. Triangular bandages will also serve the dual function of enabling campers to carry extra equipment if one or more within the party become injured. Emergency Care Guide A small, pocket-sized book that provides basic instructions on trauma care and the treatment of injuries is handy to have close at-hand during any excursion. Not only will this book contain potentially life-saving instructions, but most books will also present you with survival and signaling techniques. These can be powerful tools that can help a hiking or walking party find rescue in emergency situations. These are some of the most important items that you will need to make a basic good first aid kit, you can of course customise and add other items to this you may find useful. You'll want a first aid kit that is waterproof, light and compact - Simply Hike have a range of first aids kits that do all of this and more, find your perfect kit here.     Tell us what items you would include in the comments box below!