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About The Brand: Berghaus

[caption id="attachment_9306" align="aligncenter" width="600"]4 © Berghaus[/caption] It's a UK brand that everyone knows and loves! Whether you are just starting out in hiking or are a seasoned pro Berghaus has always had you covered. In this blog we are going to go back in time through a brief history of Berghaus and then show you our favourite Berghaus products... In 1966 Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison started their own outdoor store called LD Mountain Centre. They quickly gained a strong reputation for selling the very best in high performance outdoor products, they became so successful that the LD Mountain Centre started designing, testing, making and selling their own equipment. This innovative clothing range (which was inspired by what a climber wanted and needed) was called Berghaus, and so the brand was born. [caption id="attachment_9307" align="aligncenter" width="600"]5 © Berghaus[/caption] In 1970 the first Berghaus rucksacks were born. The berg 172 and 272 models had external frames and basic single compartments. These traditional packs were soon replaced in 1972 by the cyclops which is the world's first rucksack to feature an internal frame. A key date in Berghaus' history is 1977 when they became one of Europe's pioneer users of Gore-Tex®. Here are other key dates in Berghaus history:
  • 1979 - the Yeti gaiter was developed
  • 1981-85 - the Gemini jacket was introduced (this jacket is still in production today)
  • 1986-90 - the Extrem range was launched
  • 1991 - 95 - Berghaus was brought by Pentland Group PLC and turned their attention to footwear
  • 1996 - 00 - the Paclite Range was introduced
  • 2006 - present - Berghaus unveiled it's new design and development team , MtnHaus to the world.
  Here is a list of some MtnHaus sponsored athletes:
  • Leo Houlding
  • Mick Fowler
  • Alastair Lee
  • Karen Darke
  • Sir Chris Bonngton
  • Rob Jarman
  [caption id="attachment_9308" align="aligncenter" width="600"]6 © Berghaus[/caption] So there's a brief history of Berghaus, it's now time we spoke about our favourite Berghaus products.

Berghaus - Pravitale Jacket

51457 The Pravitale from Berghaus is a brilliant lightweight full zipped fleece. The Pravitale features AT Stretch which give the fleece great flexibility, meaning it's great for all types of outdoor activities.  The fleece has a raised inner structure which traps air quicker for better thermal insulation. The Pravitale has three pockets, two zipped hand pockets and one zipped bonded sleeve pocket. Lastly this fleece only weighs 312g.

Berghaus - Womens Light Trek Hydroshell

hyrdroshell The women's Light Trek from Berghaus is a great lightweight waterproof jacket. The Light Trek uses Hydroshell technology which will keep you dry no matter the weather and is breathable, the Hydroshell also has a "storm level" protection. This Berghaus jacket uses odour resistant Argentium technology which also has great moisture management.  The Light Trek has been reinforced in areas of high abrasion, is 100% windproof and also has body venting.

Berghaus - Explorer 40

51273 Are you looking for a lightweight pack for a day or weekend hike? Then look no further than the Explorer 40 from Berghaus. The Explorer uses Berghaus' BIOFIT back system for a better and more comfortable fit. You can adjust the height of the pack as well as detach the chest strap. The Explorer has top tension straps, side compression straps, large front pocket, walking pole/ice axe attachments, zipped internal lid pocket and is also hydration compatible.
What is your favourite Berghaus product? Let us know why it's your favourite by commenting below! Shop all Berghaus now.