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About The Brand: Biolite

about the brand biolite
Biolite was the brain child of two designers Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond. They met in 2006 at a design consultancy smart design in New York City and of course quickly bonded due to their passion to create a camping stove that didn't rely on gas, petrol or batteries. It was this key bond that the two had with each other and their passion to find a environmentally friend stove that could do more than any other conventional stove that drove them to create Biolite. 1.1 Let's go through some key dates in Biolite's history (so far):
  • 2009 - CampStove and the HomeStove prototypes are created and it was this year that the CampStove won the ETHOS Combustion Conference.
  • 2010 - The USB feature was first considered (which of course is a massive part of Biolite). It was also in this year that with the help of the Aprovecho Research Center the rocket stoves emissions were measured.
  • 2011 - Biolite's Brooklyn offices open and hire their first staff members. After five rounds of prototypes the CampStove design is finally approved and in November the H3 prototype is field tested in Ghana and Uganda.
  • 2012 - The first CampStove is sold and shipped, Biolite core technology patents are approved and the HomeStove H4 is approved for pilot testing.
So as you will have gather Biolite is a baby of a company and has many great years and products up their sleeves. We are so lucky to stock such a innovative company here at Simply Hike here is our favourite Biolite products.....

Biolite: Kettle Pot

2 The Kettle Pot from Biolite is a great lightweight kettle and works perfectly with the CampStove. The Kettle Pot is made from stainless steel making it strong but giving you a quick boil. This Biolite product holds 1.5 litres of water and serves between 2 to 4 people. The Kettle Pot has an easy pour making it perfect to top up your mug. The kettle pot is also designed to carry the CampStove within it, making it a must have for any hiker and trekker with a Biolite.

Biolite: CampStove Grill

3 The CampStove Grill from Biolite has been design specifically to fit the Biolite CampStove. The Grill provides a larger area for cooking a meal on. This Biolite grill allows for easy stoking without the need to remove the grill and disrupt the food on top. The CampStove Grill uses folding legs to keep the grill stable on top of the CampStove. You also get a plastic travel cover which fits over the top so any mess on the grill won't run into your backpack, so it ticks all the boxes really!

Biolite: CampStove

biolite-campstove The CampStove from Biolite is an innovative wood burning stove which can also charge your gadgets! Firstly because it's a wood burning stove it's environmentally friendly. It's also not only great at cooking your food, it can keep you warm on those cold camping nights. The yellow charger on the front converts the heat from the wood burning stove to electricity and as long as your device can be charged via USB you have an endless power supply. The CampStove is designed to fit into the Kettle Pot as well making the Kettle Pot the perfect partner.
So there we have it a brief insight of Biolite's history and our favourite products! Do you own a Biolite? We would love to hear your views and what you think! Just comment below.