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About The Brand: MSR (Mountain Safety Research)

MSR Everyone in the camping world would have heard of Mountain Safety Research or as its most commonly known, MSR. Even if you are new to the hiking and camping world you would probably know their logo. In this blog we are going to talk a little about the history of MSR, the innovations they have had in the outdoor industry and then end it with our best MSR products as chosen by the Simply Hike team. So let’s start shall we… larry In 1969 Mountain Safety Research was founded by Larry Penberthy. MSR was originally set up as a newsletter that covered topics around mountaineering safety. In 1973 Larry developed his first camp stove, the MSR Model 9 Camp Stove. This was one of the first camping stoves that worked efficiently in cold weather. What Larry did was separate the stove's burner from the small fuel tank, then used pressurised fuel bottles as the tank and created a better wind screen. These features made it a much better stove in extreme conditions. MODEL9 Penberthy was also the first person to introduce the Eagle Ice Axe in 1970. This was the first ice axe to use an aluminium shaft which meant the ice axe could be dug into the ice better and stopped it from sliding. Here’s a couple of other things that MSR have done over the years:
  • 1975 – MSR incorporates lithium batteries in the head lamps
  • 1976 – MSR were one of the first companies to add pit zips to their shard shell jackets
  • 1984 – One of the most popular multi fuel stoves was born: the Whisperlite
  • 1991 – MSR waterworks was released
  • 1995 – MSR Denali show shoes used injection moulded plastic
  • 2003 – the Miox purifier was introduced
  • 2004 – the Hubba tent range was introduced
  • 2007 - The world’s first windproof stove the Reactor was released
One other thing to mention with the history of MSR is that in 2001 they were acquired by Cascade Designs. Cascade have the following brands under their belt: MSR, Them-a-Rest, Platypus, SealLine and many more. But it’s because of Cascade Designs keeping true to what Larry Penberthy had set out to do way back in 1969 why MSR are still about today and are highly regarded in the outdoor world. So that’s the history of MSR in a nutshell, now let’s talk about our favourite MSR products!

MSR: WhisperLite Universal Stove

whis-34903 The WhisperLite stove is the most popular multi fuel stove on the market to date. It’s because of it's pedigree and the fact that it’s been around for over 30 years that the WhisperLite is something that other brands would love to have created. The stove itself is multi fuel so you can use white gas, diesel, petrol and even jet plane fuel! But the coolest thing about it is that you can change the connector then attach normal screw top gas! So if you buy a WhisperLite then you are covered for fuel no matter where you are. The WhisperLite is also field maintainable due to the self-cleaning ‘shaker jet’.

MSR: Pocket Rocket Stove

pock-27591 The Pocket Rocket is a great light weight and small stove, no wonder it’s very popular with backpackers wanting to save space and weight. Don’t be fooled by the size of the Pocket Rocket it does pack a punch! Due to the heat output it can boil water in under 3.5 minutes,  and you get full flame control even with gloves on. The coolest thing about this stove is the Tri-sectional wind clip, so no matter where you have pitched and no matter the weather your flame won’t go out and your cooking time won’t be affected. All of this tech in a stove that will sit in the palm of your hand.

MSR: Reactor Stove

reactor-27590 Are you after a stove that is completely windproof? Then the Reactor from MSR is the one for you! This is due to the radiant burner which is enclosed by a heat exchanger which gives you unmatched performance. The Reactor stove has been tried and tested in the harshest conditions, in hurricane winds and the coldest of temperatures and this stove still cooks in perfect time. The pot you get with this MSR stove is lighter than what you would find with any Jetboil making it perfect for everyday cooking. This system is one of a kind so if you are after a windproof, fuel efficient stove with a quick cook time then look no further.
  We hope you enjoyed our brief history lesson on MSR and our favourite MSR products! What do you love about MSR? What is your favourite piece of MSR kit? We would love to know so comment below! Don’t forget you can shop our full range of MSR gear by clicking >here<