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About The Brand: Superfeet

[caption id="attachment_9954" align="aligncenter" width="600"]©Superfeet ©Superfeet[/caption] We all know the brand but do you know their story? In this blog we are going to talk briefly about the history of Superfeet and our favourite Superfeet products... In 1962 Superfeet founder Dennis Brown meets Dr. Bill Pozer, Pozer introduces Dennis to the emerging field of custom orthotics and sponsors his study at the California College of Podiatric Medicine. Between 1962 and 1962 Dennis (who was working at a ski shop at the time) started custom fitting amputees with orthotic devices inside leather ski boots. [caption id="attachment_9953" align="aligncenter" width="600"]©Superfeet ©Superfeet[/caption] It wasn’t until 1964 that Dennis purchased a Podiatric Laboratory in Lynden, Washington. It was here where Dennis' inventive mind was set free, he developed a knack for casting molds and producing the end product and he quickly discovered new and better methods for doing both! If we jump 10 years forward, Chris (a good friend of Dennis) had joined Dennis in the lab and over the next 40 years together they pioneered new concepts and developed innovative materials in the field of sports medicine. [caption id="attachment_9955" align="aligncenter" width="600"]©Superfeet ©Superfeet[/caption] Here are some other key dates:
  • 1977 – Superfeet is launched as Superfeet In-Shoe System
  • 1980 – The first trim to fit insole is launched aimed at runners
  • 1986 – Superfeet start focusing on the medical market
  • 1993 – Trim to fit program is launched
  • 2001 – Superfeet introduced footnotes for dress shoes and trainers
  • 2008 – Outside magazine ranks Superfeet as one of the best places to work in the US
  • 2013 – Carbon arrives at Superfeet making Superfeet stronger and more lightweight than ever before.
  So that’s Superfeet's history in a nut shell! Lets talk about products now shall we...  

Superfeet – Three Quarter Insole

46355 The Three Quarter insole from Superfeet is designed for those who need support in their tight fitting business shoes and casual shoes.  This Three Quarter insole has a intermediate arch, microsuede upper, foam layer and they have a biomechanically supportive shape. These insoles from Superfeet are perfect for work shoes, dress shoes and the flats you wear from day to day.

Superfeet – Copper DMP

46360 The Copper DMP are a perfect trim to fit insole from Superfeet. The Copper DMP have a low profile, a flexible and accommodating shape, and are pressure sensitive. These Superfeet insoles use a 3 layer ‘dynamic molding process’, or to you and me, memory foam that helps capture your foot's shape for the ultimate support. The Copper DMP have an antimicrobial coating which helps reduce odour bacteria.

Superfeet – Carbon Trim

46358 The Carbon from Superfeet are the most lightweight insole of all the Superfeet products. The Carbon is (funnily enough) made from reinforced carbon fibre making it super strong and super lightweight. They have a low profile which will help shape and stabilize your foot position, foam perforations which reduces weight and increases breathability, and they also have an antimicrobial coating for helping to reduce odour.

Superfeet – Blue Trim

46357 The Blue Trim from Superfeet is a classic insole. The Blue has been designed as an ‘ all rounder’ insole, it has a medium profile which gives intermediate support, and works perfectly even if you can't remove the original insole in your shoes or boots as it will fit nicely over the top. It has a deep structured heel cup, fits into most footwear and has been treated with an antimicrobial coating to reduce odour.
  What is your favourite Superfeet product? How long have you had it? And don’t forget you can shop for Superfeet at Simply Hike.