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About The Brand: Teva

sandalsheader     Teva was created by Geophysicist Mark Thatcher in 1982. While working as a rafting guide Mark noticed a lack of proper shoes for river activities, with many people wearing trainers which when wet would become very heavy and flip flops would just slide off your feet. Thatcher took the basic style of a traditional thong styled sandal and added a nylon ankle strap which would stop the sandal from sliding off your feet. Working with the shoemaker California Pacific, they sold over 200 pairs of these sandals in the first year. Mark realised that although these sandals are great for water sports they weren't so great for regular sports, with early complaints of blisters due to the thong design. In 1984 there was a massive boom in these types of sandals and California Pacific tried to claim the rights over the Teva name, Mark sued the company and won his case.  


In 1985 Thatcher set up an exclusive licensing agreement with Deckers Corporation to manufacture and distribute Teva sandals. this partnership blossomed into the Teva company that we all know and love today. Deckers obtained exclusive rights to Teva which included various patents included the trademark for the brand name. In 2002 Deckers acquired the worldwide patents, trademarks, and other assets from Mark Thatcher giving them sole ownership of the Teva brand. With a wide range of styles for men and women, this outdoor brand certainly lives up to its "strap in and go" mentality.  


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