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Affordable Ski Holidays – Bulgaria the New Skiers Holiday of Choice?


With the current economic climate, many people used to taking annual family skiing holidays are suddenly finding that they are unable to afford it at the moment. Guest blogging on the Simply Piste blog for the first time is Krystian Szastok from whom specialise in skiing holidays across the world. With Andorra having gone upmarket, and thanks to the recent influx of Eastern European countries into the EU, Bulgaria is now the country of choice for cheap ski holidays. In Bansko, there is a fantastic ski school that caters for a number of languages (certainly English) and it has earned itself the nickname of the ‘Whistler of Bulgaria’, being a fantastically decked out ski resort offering everything you could possibly need, making a ski holiday in Bansko a fantastic option when considering cheap skiing holidays, as everything in Bulgaria is at a dramatically reduced price compared to its more western counterparts, something borne out by the somewhat cowboy property market. With Bulgaria being something of an unknown commodity to most westerners, particularly those with a penchant for skiing, it’s advisable to get the experts to plan your ski holiday for you. Recent years have seen multi million pound investments made throughout the resort. New hotels, restaurants, disco’s, cafes and bars are being introduced yearly to provide holiday makers with an all round better experience and option for choice. Bankso is also host to a rich historical past, with fortress ruins, clutches of monuments and souvenir shops adding to a boastful cultural experience. All entwined with this is also the regions natural sightseeing. There is an abundance of lakes, waterfalls, caves and forestry to feast your eyes on.  All in all the Bankso resort combines great skiing, history, culture and natural beauty, bringing you a charm and delight through your holiday.