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Alite Mayfly 2 Chair Review

The Mayfly 2.0 is a lightweight, folding chair from American brand Alite and is perfect for camping and outdoor events when you don’t want to be weighed down with bulky chairs. I took the Mayfly to a recent airshow and was so happy with its performance.




The Mayfly 2.0 is a hybrid of the Alite Monarch and Mantra, which has a removable bar at the front for stability. Removing the bar allows you to rock back and forth but also means you can easily sit on slopes and rocky ground without capsizing. I was on fairly even ground so found rocking forward for nibbles from the picnic basket really easy.


The chair is 720g (520g without the front bar) and pretty compact in its own stuff sack which makes carrying easy. Poles are made from lightweight aluminium that are already strung together meaning they just need clicking into place. The two front poles are colour coded to match the ripstop fabric seat so is really easy to assemble.



The back of the chair has two large ventilation areas so you won’t feel clammy on hotter days and I love that the back comes up a fair way making you feel fully supported and actually able to sit back and relax.


This chair takes up to 250lbs of weight, which is pretty impressive considering its size. The low seating is great for stability but might be a challenge for those less mobile.