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Bavaria - Traditionally Different

There are many good reasons for a trip to Bavaria. Stunning landscapes are waiting to be discovered. Unknown cities entice visitors with their cultural highlights. Beautiful mountain scenery offers opportunities for sports activities. Bavaria also stands for centuries-old customs and a very special attitude to life: Whether they are in a beer garden or inn, or at a traditional festival – all across the state, people celebrate Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit” and a sense of conviviality. The inhabitants of Bavaria delight visitors from beyond its borders with their friendly manner and the way they still embrace ancient customs. These are passed down from one generation to the next – always authentic and yet re-interpreted. In other words, “traditionally different”. 



Since family and tradition play such an important role in Bavarian life, it’s no wonder family businesses a core element of Bavarian identity. Breweries, inns, workshops and vineyards: The transition from one generation to the next is always a particularly formative moment. For the young entrepreneurs it’s all about combining old methods with new ideas, bringing tradition and modernity together to create a harmonious whole - and inspiring visitors along the way.


And the culture of historic clothing has also played a major role in rural Bavaria for more than 200 years. While traditional costumes once served as work clothes, these splendid outfits now shape the Bavarian sense of identity. The Bavarian people still use traditional items of clothing to demonstrate their regional identity today and thus make a significant contribution to the mythology of Bavaria. They show how deeply rooted they are in their homeland and proudly share their Bavarian attitude to life with the outside world. The new generations are always guided in this task by the old habits and values: As true Bavarians, they are very focused on remaining faithful to their Bavarian identity, its traditions and customs.



Every bit as unique as the customs and the magnificent landscape are the Bavarian people and their stories. King Ludwig II lent Bavaria a touch of fairy-tale romance with his beautiful buildings, such as Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace. These magnificent historic sights have come to symbolise Bavaria and exert a magical pull over visitors. And the unspoilt nature and lovingly preserved cultural landscapes have always enchanted visitors from near and far. Bavarian cultural landscapes have been shaped by human hands for centuries. Bavarians are at great pains to nurture their precious natural surroundings and in so doing preserve the image of the rural idyll that dominates Bavaria. Man and nature in perfect harmony: The cultural landscapes of Bavaria are as diverse as the inhabitants themselves. They work with dedication and devotion to ensure that their cultural landscape is preserved for future generations. Between modern production techniques and traditional farming methods, they remain calm and authentic, and work in harmony with nature.



Guests can experience the combination of nature and living tradition in Ruhpolding, for example. The resort, well-known for winter sports, is located in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Framed by gentle hills on one side and a picturesque mountain panorama on the other, Bavarian hospitality and traditions are still very important here: during regular events such as raising the Maypole or the Almabtrieb (cattle drive), years of tradition are carried on by the locals. At traditional festivals, the dashing Bavarian costume is worn and every day the highlights of traditional Bavarian cuisine can be experienced. This makes Ruhpolding the ideal place for an authentic nature holiday in Bavaria! 



The Alpenhotel Wittelsbach in Ruhpolding combines tradition and modernity: family-run for generations, this hotel combines individual design and comfort with traditional values and regional cuisine. A special highlight is the hotel’s wide tea assortment, with over 60 varieties of premium teas. The owner, Marcus Eismann, is a certified TeaMaster® Gold. Tea tastings and teatimes are held regularly and Gillitzer's Lounge invites guests to enjoy a leisurely cup of tea every day. The hotel is a certified Small Elegant and Sightsleeping hotel and offers Bavarian hospitality in a cosy atmosphere with wonderful people! 



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