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Beat the wobble for better skiing

Do you wobble when you stand on one leg? Is it worse when you stand on the other? Have you ever tried balancing on a Swiss ball but never quite mastered anything better than rolling over flat on your face? Aargh. Well, this is not the best news if you want to be in tip-top shape for the skiing and snowboarding season. That’s because BALANCE is crucial to the fine art of skilful skiing and snowboarding. Four great ways to get to grips with your balancing act for skiing Simple, but effective: You could be watching the veg come to the boil, brushing your teeth or catching a few minutes of TV. But whenever you have a little time to yourself try standing on one foot and balancing. Swap feet each time you do this move so make sure that you even-out your training. If you can stand still with one foot lifted, try swinging your arms around and holding your balance. Then shut your eyes! Gym tactics: Many gyms have a Swiss ball or a BOSU. These are brilliant items of kit for assisting with improved balancing. A simple exercise on the Swiss ball is to sit on the ball with your feet flat on the ground. Try lifting one foot up and straightening that leg while still holding your balance. Do the same with the other leg. And then try both. With the BOSU, balance on one foot on the top of the BOSU while doing bicep curls, or start with both feet on the floor and alternate toe taps. Yoga poses: Yoga is superb for all-round strength and balance boosting. In particular, the Warrior pose will help to get you in perfect shape for time on the slopes this winter. Chairman of the Board: Invest in a balance board. We’ve blogged about this great piece of kit, which is perfect for improving lower-body muscle strength and boosting balance.
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