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Beginners Guide to Hiking & Fell Walking

Video transcript... Hi and welcome to Simplyhike, So before your take your first trip out Fell Walking you need to consider your own fitness level and how adventurous your feeling! If your walking with a group your only as fast as your slowest member so remember it is not a race so take your time and enjoy your walk. Types of land can vary from relatively flat coastal paths to mountainous terrain - there are lots of great locations right here in the UK! There are technically two ways of doing a trail, if your new to fell walking then have a look at The National Parks in the UK which navigate you through the forests with dedicated walking routes. For these routes you will not need a compass or a map, just follow the route that is set out. For the more confident fell walker then all you will need is a map, a compass and an idea. Literally make your own adventure, obviously be safe and always have a designated map reader and compass reader. Or if you’re the techy type then take a good old GPS! To get the best trails just google ‘get a map by ordnance survey’. This allows you to set up your own trails as well as looking at more popular routes that other fell walkers take. Or if your feeling on the adventurous side then there are lots of fell walking challenges around that you can do, like the three peaks challenge for instance. Anyway I hope that’s been of help, and feel free to watch our other fell walking advice videos here at