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Best Camping Applications for Your iPhone

Camping has now reached the digital age and there is now a massive range of apps for your iPhone available to download now! Here at Simply Hike we have saved you time by collating what we think are the very best applications for your camping trips. These iPhone apps can help you plan your camping trip or help you out in an expedition or just travelling. A Survival Guide is great for learning techniques quickly in dangerous situations and this app provides some basic skills including signals, water and food and shelter. We love the ‘psychology’ of survival section and the convenience of having a reference manual on your phone. Just make sure your iPhone is fully charged before you set out in the wild! AA Caravan and Camping Guide features over 850 recommended and thoroughly inspected campsites for you to search through.  Search for a campsite by area, get hold of price information and get there phone numbers instantly! You can get this app for your iPhone or iTouch for free. Taking a BBQ on your camping trip? Then the ibbq app is a great help!  This application features BBQ recipes, checks out the weather in your current location for unexpected showers and gives expert tips for perfect BBQ food. This app is available free for all iPhone users. Camping anywhere nice, like the South of France? This Traveller Dictionary Phrasebook will come in so handy if you are! With over 26,000 words or 1200 phrases to choose from you can sort out any camping predicament. Nuts about Knots? Check out the What Knot To Do app by Columbia. This free app provides a glossary of all the different types of knots and how to tie them! Angry Birds is an essential for keeping entertained on your camping trip and who doesn’t find this game addictive? Ok, there’s a small charge to add this app but it’ll provides days if not weeks of entertainment. To sum it up in a nutshell the birds are angry after having their eggs stolen by green pigs and they seek revenge by throwing themselves at various structures. Brilliant! The English Heritage App will give you some amazing ideas for fun days out wherever you are. A majestic castle, a classic English garden or ancient ruin then this application is sure to brighten up any camping holiday. You can view the location, see the top tips for when you arrive and check out the events that are on. Flashlight is the perfect app for locating items, finding your way to the toilet block in the night or reading in your tent. This shouldn’t take the place of a proper lantern or torch but is brilliant for quick tasks. Simply Hike Of course not forgetting our app! We know every outdoor enthusiast has a busy lifestyles and the Simply Hike app allows you to shop online and order all your camping products via your iPhone. A must have for any camper! With thanks to Dougbelshaw for the banner image.