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Best Outdoor Blogs 2015

Best Outdoors Blogs 2015


There are hundreds of outdoor blogs on the internet and finding the right one for you could be a bit tricky or time consuming. So we decided to do a bit of research here at Simply Hike HQ and have come up with our favourite outdoor blogs so far in 2015.


Simply browse the categories below and perhaps you will find a new favourite! If you have another blog that you think should be on our list then just add the link in the comments below.



Get Out With The Kids  |   Camping With Style  |  Run Around Aroo  |  Hikers Blog  |  Dirtbag Darling  |  Electronic Mountain Leader  |  Semi-Rad  |  Appalachian Trail Girl  |  Andy's Wild Blog



The Expert Vagabond  |  Just On Way Ticket  |  Chris' Travel Blog  |  Family Affairs & Other Matters  |  Angloyankophile  |  Borders Of Adventure  |  Across & Abroad  |  The Girl Outdoors  |  Mummy Travels  |  The Adventure Junkies  |  Bearfoot Theory  |  Mums Do Travel  |  Time Travel Turtle  |  The Savvy Backpacker   |  Two Monkeys Travel  |  Girl About The Globe  |  Baby Routes  |  Lady Explorer  |  Army Life Travels  |  Bucket List Journey  |  Absolutely Lucy  


Hiking & Walking

Fiona Outdoors  |  Hiking Forward  |  Carrot Quinn  |  The Big Outside  |  The Planet D  | Wanderings  |  Phil Your Boots  |  Brian's Backpacking Blog  |  Hiking Lady  |  Section Hiker  |  Adventure Mummy  |  Walking The Blog  |  Baz's Backpacking Blog  |  Meanderthals  |  GB Coast Walk  |  3Up Adventures  |  South Downs Walking  |  Beers At The Bottom  |  Halfway Hike  |  Two Blondes Walking  |  Hike 734  |  Lady On A Rock  |  See Jen Hike  |  Long Distance Trail  |  Sprinkles Hikes  |  Come Walk With Me  |  Laraine's World  |  Missouri Howell  |  Nothing But Footprints  |  Crossing Aotearoa



Charlotte Garden Climbing  |  Rock Climber Life  |  Greg Boswell Climbing  |  Sierra Blair Coyle


Outdoor Photography

Ordinary Traveler  |  AT Smith Photography  |  Mori Girl  |  JHOLKO  |  Destination Anywhere  |  Jonna Jinton  |  Jan Faßbender Photography  |  Cali Trails  |  Giannis Gogos  |  The Outdoor Photographer  |  Gambolin' Man  |  Will Hawkes Photography  |  Notes From The Road  |  Bertie Gregory  |  Geometry & Silence


Newbie Outdoor Blogger

Hannahs Walk  |  Nifnof  |  Discover Outdoor Ed  |  Travel With Bender  |  Love Hiking  |  My Dad's Boots  |  All The Gear But No Idea  |  Play Outside Guide  |  Keefusoutdoors  |  Loving Life In Wellies




  • I do believe my link isn’t completely accurate, it’s http://morigirl.outdrr.com/tag/rania-maria-photography/ here but it should only be http://morigirl.outdrr.com/ :) Thanks for having me as one of the finalists! And good luck to everyone else <3

    Rania Maria Rönntoft
  • I think my blog might fit the photography category


  • Thanks :)

    Emma Blackband
  • Hey Emma,
    Sorry about that! We had to update to form. It’s all working now though. – Shaun

  • The link to my website (Mountain Girl) is linking to the mobile version so doesn’t show up right on laptops sorry to be a pain :(

    Emma Blackband

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