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Best Ski Slopes in the World

There are thousands of ski resorts all around the world and some are home to some fantastic ski slopes. Of course, whether you consider a slope the ‘best’ in the world will depend on what you are looking for in a slope, so whether it is scenery, the resort, or the height of the slope, here are what we think are some of the greatest slopes on the planet! Valluga, St. Anton, Austria An ideal destination for expert skiers, Valluga is best known for its après ski and its dare devil off-piste slopes and some of the highest runs in Austria, if not Europe. With some of the most difficult runs in the world and plenty of tricky, wet snow to contend with, these slopes are some of the best for anyone who likes a real challenge. You can even reward yourself with hard day’s skiing at some of the many bars, clubs and restaurants in the après ski venues! Sarenne, Alpe d’Huez, France Home to the world’s longest ski slope, this is great for taking in the fabulous views of Pic Blanc and Gorge de Sarenne whilst gliding down the 16 kilometre long slope. So what makes it special other than an amazingly long slope? Well, at Sarenne you can also ski at night – something very rare anywhere else in the world. Ski by moonlight by ascending the mountain after dusk and enjoy the run under the stars! Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole, USA Known as one of the most hardcore and scariest ski slopes in the world, this is the ultimate destination for thrill-seeking skiers.  Only for experts, Corbet’s Couloir has some death defying the twists and turns and steep slopes – great for a constant speed gathering run! With a free fall and a 50 degree slope this might not be for everyone, but anyone that loves skiing will appreciate why this epic slope is one of the best in the world. Parsenn, Davos, Switzerland Steeped in history, the Parsenn slopes is where it all began with skiing! A 12 kilometre slope, this is the longest ski run in Switzerland and offers a historic 80 year old rail tour of the area. With illuminated night time slopes, cable cars and great lodges dotted around the mountains, this is one of the most picturesque in the world. South Face, Lake Louise, Canada One of the most beautiful resorts in the world, Lake Louise is one of the ski areas in the middle of a National Park which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Not only this, but Lake Louise also offers more than 4200 areas to ski – great for whatever ability you may be! With some of the best views in the whole region, Lake Louise is popular throughout the year with skiers and nature lovers hitting the slopes throughout every season. You won’t get better views anywhere in Canada or in many places in the world so that is why Lake Louise is one of our top places to visit in the world!