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Black Diamond Crampon Range

As you may be aware we now sell Black Diamond Crampons here at Simply Hike. This is new terrain for us and we are very excited to have them in our store. Although crampons are generally used for ice climbing they are becoming more and more popular for hikers when walking and scrambling in the mountains during winter time. If you are looking to buy your first set of crampons or just looking to replace an older pair then let us introduce you to our Black Diamond range. neve The Neve Crampon is designed for moderate snow climbing and alpine hiking. It has a ten point aluminium design for lightweight functionality. The two different attachment configurations accommodate both technical and non-technical footwear, while the aggressive yet flexible construction keeps you moving quickly and confidently on steep, snowy terrain. Here are the key points of the Neve:
  • Lightweight, aluminium crampons with a spring steel center bar
  • New highly formed front and rear rails
  • Includes dual-density ABS
  • If you choose the pro version it features steel wire balls in the front and aluminium in the rear for telemark, ice and randonnee boots
  • The strap version features a softer strap that better accommodates trekking and even trail running footwear.
    serac The Serac is a lightweight twelve point crampon. It is built for the variable, moderate terrain or classic mountaineering routes. It comes in all three configurations for maximum versatility which will fit any mountain boot. It has horizontal front points that provide secure “bite” in icy steps, while the serrated secondary points add more stability than the Neve crampon. The Serac is made from stainless steel, this means it won’t rust (which is always good), resists snow balling and is free from any toxic coatings that wear off in the mountains. Here are the key points of the Serac:
  • The stainless steel design doesn’t rust, is more durable and resists snowballing
  • It features versatile horizontal front points and more stable secondary points
  • Low profile micro adjust heel ball with two positions
  • It comes in the Pro, Clip and Strap versions to cover all mountain boots
  • Includes dual density ABS
    sabretooth The Sabretooth Crampon will feel at home pretty much anywhere whether it’s the Tetons or Chamonix, it's Black Diamonds all round crampon from moderate ice routes to big alpine faces it’s got you covered. The horizontal front points provide a secure bite on the snow, alpine ice and rock edges. While the secondary points create a stable platform in softer conditions which gives you more technical precision than what you would find in the Serac Crampon. This crampon also has serrated sub points which grab and hold when you’re rocking over your feet. Also because the Sabretooth is made from stainless steel it won’t rust, it resists snow balling underfoot and is free from all toxic coatings that can wear off in the mountains. Here are the key points for the Sabretooth:
  • Stainless steel construction meaning it won’t rust, prevents snow balling and is light weight
  • Versatile horizontal front points and more technical secondary points
  • Low profile micro adjust heel ball with two positions
  • It comes with the Pro and Clip versions
  • Includes dual density ABS
  Now we have given a brief example on our Black Diamond range that we stock here at Simply Hike it’s time to explain the different types of crampons. What you would have noticed is that there are three different set ups for each crampon: Pro, Clip and Strap. Depending on what style of boot you have got would determine which style of crampon to go for, all of this is explained in the chart below: chart So as you will see the clip and strap system can take all sole and heel welt. The clip system really gives you a better fit round the heel and you have room for adjustment whereas the strap system you can only adjust well… the strap! But what you will notice that the Neve doesn’t come with the clip choice this is mainly due to keep the crampon light weight. You will also see from the chart that if you want all singing all dancing and a crampon that do everything the Sabretooth in Pro would be the best to go for. But as you will notice it only takes a rigid sole and a more technical hiking/climbing boot.  So always check the type of boot you have before you make a decision. And finally the icing on the cake is the Black Diamond Crampon bag. So whether you’re catching a flight to the awesome Canmore, Alberta or hiking to the crags, the Black Diamond crampon bag keeps your crampons from punching holes in your pack. cramponbag