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Black Diamond Ice Axe Range

As you may have seen on our website we are now stocking Black Diamond Ice Axes. We are all like kids at Christmas here at Simply Hike HQ and we have been wanting to get them in for some time now. So let us introduce you to our range. ravengrip The Raven with Grip Ice Axe is a classic mountaineer’s piolet with a twist, it has a lower grip and a slider leash which increases your security and versatility. It is made from an aluminium shaft and investment cast stainless steel head. This provides a durable, classic functionality so whether you’re plunging up a snowy chute or traversing a jagged crevasse field the Raven Grip Ice Axe will be happy. The comfortable dual density grip increases your holding power for icy steps and short steep sections where you need to use this axe like a modern ice tool. Here is the Raven with Grip Ice Axe key points:
  • It has a durable, aircraft grade aluminium shaft
  • It is made from Investment cast, one piece stainless steel head with a large hole for a carabiner
  • It’s got a comfortable, dual density moulded grip
  • Pick’s curve and teeth engineered for a secure self-arrest
  • It is equipped with a slider leash
  • Total weight with leash is 505g
  • Is CEN-B certified
ravenpro The Raven Pro Ice Axe is a light weight version of the classic Raven piolet. The Raven Pro from Black Diamond is an ideal axe for the hikers and climbers who are ounce counters and are always looking to lighten their kit. Whether you are kicking steps up Aconcagua or wending through crevasse field in the Alps, the Raven Pro’s lightweight aluminium shaft and investment cast, polished stainless steel head provides a classic all-round performance. Here are the Raven Pro Ice Axe key points:
  • It has a lightweight aluminium shaft
  • It is made from investment cast, which is a one piece stainless steel head with an aggressive pick and large hole for a carabiner
  • Is CEN-B certified
  So you have looked at our range, the next question is which size is for you? It is really simple to size up the right ice axe. All you need to do is with your hand on the top of the head of the ice axe hold it down by your side, the spike should come down to you ankle. This might feel short, but when you are walking on steeper ground, holding the ice axe in your uphill hand it becomes a very useful length. Also remember an ice axe is better shorter than being too long. You could also use the following guide to size up an ice axe: chart Don’t forget though if you are going to buy an ice axe you will need to get an axe and spike protector. This will stop the ice axe damaging your pack when you’re out on the mountains and when they are in storage. both