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Bucket List Hiking Destinations

Having recently looked at some of the best hiking opportunities available here in the UK we have turned our attention a little further afield. This is our guide to some of the most incredible hiking destinations our planet has to offer and why we think they should feature on your adventure bucket list!



A frequent topic for the National Geographic and pretty much every adventure publication. Anybody who enjoys the outdoors should visit Yosemite National Park at least once in their lives. This Unesco World Heritage site is completely awe-inspiring and features trails and activities for all ages and abilities. It is no wonder that over four million people visited this natural paradise last year alone.


Thanks to its continued popularity and exposure, including the recent 'Free Solo' and 'The Dawn Wall' documentaries this area has become well established as a bucket list must! From gorgeous gemstone lakes and the emerald green Yosemite Valley to the imposing profile of Half Dome and El Capitan, this stunning landscape has it all.



Situated in northern Ethiopia this is not just one of the best-hiking destinations in Africa, but possibly the world. The Simien mountain range has a variety of summits including the Ras Dashen which peaks at 4,500 meters above sea level. Almost all the routes in the area will take you through deep valleys, gorges and waterfalls and you may even encounter some of Africa's most exotic animals such as Monkeys, Ibex and the rare Ethiopian Wolf.


The going can get tough, but the treks will be immensely rewarding with epic scenery and stunning African vistas. This really is one of the most incredible landscapes in the world and a truly special hiking destination which deserves a spot on everyone's bucket list.



Chamonix is one of those places where no matter how many times you visit you will always come across something new. Recently it has become a mecca for skiers and snowboarders all over the world but that really is only part of what makes this place so amazing. Outside of the snowy season, Chamonix offers amazing hiking trails that connect France, Switzerland and Italy offering you some amazing differing cultural scenes.


The trails do vary for all skill levels so no matter how fit you are, or how long you have been hiking for you will find a trail for you that will no doubt have a breath-taking view. Even if you do fancy going on a hike you can surround yourself with like-minded people in the town or hitch the gondola to get up close and personal with Mont Blanc. In short, Chamonix isn't just a winter destination and it should definitely be on your bucket list of hikes.



Recently named as one of the Department of Conservation's Great Walks the Hump Ridge Track in New Zealand's southern Fiordland is an absolute must. These hiking trails take you through the rich natural and cultural history of New Zealand and provides spectacular access to some truly jaw-dropping coastal and alpine scenery. In addition to geological marvels, you are also in with a chance of spotting plenty of wild birds and dolphins.


With a plethora of trails available from the base of Tautapere, there are hiking opportunities no matter how long you are staying in town for including the three-day Hump Ridge Track.



Without a doubt one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Asia. This World Protected Heritage Site is characterised by the spectacular rive canyon which runs through the landscape providing a tributary for the upper Yangtze River. It is possible to hike the entirety of the gorge via the well-marked 'high road'. Thanks to international exposure visitors to the area have grown and efforts are being made to preserve the ecological integrity of the area whilst making it more tourist-friendly.


Exploring Asia is already on a lot of people's travel bucket lists, so why not incorporate one of the world's best hikes at Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is the perfect place to experience everything from snow-capped peaks to dancing waters and everything in between.