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Campfire Cooking Ideas


As the summer camping season is well and truly upon us, many of you will be packing up and heading to the great outdoors for a weekend of fun with the family or a week's holiday in the midst of nature. But when it comes to cooking in camp, it can be a bit tricky to think outside the box with recipes and figure out how to cook a great meal with only a limited cooking area and equipment.


Luckily for you, we've teamed up with a few of our favourite bloggers this season to help you find your next great camping recipe! Each of our bloggers has whipped up a delicious dish al fresco that you can cook on your next adventure with ease! Just try to keep the salivating to a minimum ok?



Claire Justine


Starting us off we have Claire's cajun spiced chicken and vegetable skewers. If you love a little kick to your food then this is the recipe for you! Claire has even put together some tasty fruit and marshmallow skewers for dessert, the perfect finishing piece for your camp fire evening. Check out her dishes here.



Munchies and Munchkins


If a savoury treat is your bag then Becky's two recipes could be just what you're looking for. Her Cheesy Stovetop Potatoes & Herby Frittata are full of flavour and will definitely fill you up. You can even eat the potatoes straight from the pan to save on washing up, how ideal! Take a look at Becky's recipes here.



Mummy of Two


For a hearty, warming dish opt for Tami's Chorizo and Baked Bean Stew. Another great one pan recipe so it saves on all that pesky clean up afterwards! Whip it up yourself with the recipe here.



Miss Pond


Another quick, easy and tasty option is Emma's Sausage, Veggies and Spicy Rice dish. With a few fresh ingredients and a packet of pre-cooked rice this can be done in no time, ideal if you've spent the day out exploring and hiking and need a quick hunger fix! Take a look at the recipe here.



Emma Eats and Explores


If you've already gobbled up the cajun chicken and vegetable skewers we mentioned before and are still hungry for more, luckily for you we have another delicious kebab recipe courtesy of Emma. This time it's a Moroccan inspired style with a whole host of spices! Have a nosy at the recipe here.



Simply Sensational Food


And finally to round off this post we have Nayna's baked apples, a moreish sweet treat to fill up those hungry campsite tums! With a dollop of greek yoghurt and a few crunchy walnuts, these are a sure way to make sure all your fellow campers are satisfied at dinner. Find out how to make yours here.



Don't forget, this is just a small sample of the wonderful recipes our favourite bloggers are cooking this month around the campfire, so keep your eyes peeled for any other tasty posts popping up in July!