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Camping In The Grand Canyon - Get Your Camping Equipment And Sleeping Bags Ready

If you are destined to visit one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the Earth and eager to explore the great Grand Canyon you are not alone. Many outdoor enthusiasts seek out the many trails of the Grand Canyon each year and for this reason there are a number of not only guided tours, mule trips, events, and even star gazing parties for tourists to take advantage of. Yet before you set off with camera in hand you need to make sure that you have picked out and packed up your camping sleeping bags and other essential camping equipment first. Depending on which time of the year you plan of visiting the Grand Canyon you can be met with either hot and dry temperatures or chilly mornings and freezing nights. For this reason you will want to plan accordingly with either a camping sleeping bag that is specifically designed for optimal insulation or one that is lighter and cooler. Typically the sleeping bag of choice for frigid temperatures is a mummy style sleeping bag that will encapsulate the sleeper in a cosy shield. When you are looking for the specific insulation for your sleeping bag you will want to go with one that has a natural, or down fill, which is known to be excellent at keeping you warm no matter what the weather is outside. For those travelling in the balmy summers you can get away with a standard rectangular camping sleeping bag and special features such as a hood or draft collars may not be as important for you.  Something that is also an option is a double sleeping bag if you are going with your family or even just as a pair; they say that body heat is the best insulator anyway! Once you have found the ideal sleeping bag for you and your party you can get to the rest of the gear and then set off on a memorable holiday. Hikers are given the chance to travel among the 446k canyon through two distinct rims. The North Rim is for the more rugged adventurer as it boasts an elevation of 2438m and is much more secluded. In contrast the South Rim is tamer and if you should be travelling with youngsters it is the better choice to grab some double sleeping bags and bond as a family. Whether you choose to make your trek on foot or on the back of a mule, when out at the Grand Canyon you simply can't go wrong!