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Camping Pranks And Jokes

Camping is great fun but sometimes there is a need to entertain yourself and this can be done at the expense of others. Camping can bring out your groups most annoying personal traits and so adding a good prank to the mix is a fun way to seek revenge and adds great memories to your trip. We’ve come up with the best camping practical jokes to pull but have a caution – beware that your victim will most likely retaliate and you’ll end up being pranked yourself.



The Fluffy Pillow

Once you’ve set up bedding fill your friends pillow case with spray cream or shaving foam and leave until bedtime. When they place their head on their pillow the foam will seep out onto their face resulting in a sticky mess.


Milky Milky

Powdered milk is often taken on camping trips as it doesn’t go off in the heat like you usual semi skimmed.  This innocent foodstuff can be used to make your friends smell really bad. Simply sprinkle the powder inside the sleeping bag of your victim and as they sweat during the night the powder will re-hydrate coating their skin with a sour and sickly residue which will continue over the next few days. This joke is great if showering isn’t available on your camp site.


Stinking Bishop

Another dairy related joke; take a particularly smelly cheese with you and place in friends internal tent pocket. The obvious choice is a stilton but the Stinking Bishop is really whiffy and not as recognisable as a blue cheese odour. This is only advisable if you are in a different tent and works particularly well during the summer when there is a lot of heat. Just wait until the smell becomes so unbearable that they have to say something much to their embarrassment. Owning up to the prank could be a mistake depending on who you’re with so sneakily removing the cheese might be best.


All seeing Eyes

This joke needs a little more time to plot but is really effective on any camper scared of encountering wild animals. You’ll need reflective tape, scissors and a weak flashlight. Pre cut small circles out of the reflective tape the size of an eye. During the day, tape pairs of the ‘eyes’ to trees, all the time remembering where you have placed each set. When the sun sets lure your friend into the trail and point out all the creatures of the night. Low powered torches work best here as they provide the reflective glare of eyes without illuminating the tree they are stuck to.


The Heavy Rucksack

An oldie but a goodie; if you’re hiking with rucksacks while camping then simply add some heavy rocks to their pack. This is best done when they’re ready to go so that they don’t spot the intruders.



Desperately needing the bathroom on waking in your tent is an absolute certainty for any camper, but is more so if the thought of doing your business in the woods overnight was too terrifying. So your number one priority will be getting out of the tent and relieving yourself. This easy task can be scuppered if the tent zippers have been bound together from the outside using tie wraps. Leave your friend to figure out why the zipper runs back and forth without ever opening and they will become more infuriated and frenzied as the seconds tick by. Choose to let them out or for further fun let them break out in a Hulkish rage to drive home in a sulk. This can also be prevented if you’ve done a triple whammy; tying their boots and backpacks shut too.  


The Princess and the Pea

Though not as inspired as the other pranks this one is quick to accomplish. Choose the camper who takes the most care in clearing their site before pitching and as soon they leave the area add some rocks, twigs and pine cones under their tent. This will ensure that they do not sleep well. Caution: If their tent is expensive they will not find this funny.