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Canada's Best Skiing Destinations


  British Columbia is home to Whistler, or as Aussies have dubbed it, ‘Whistralia’. It’s 8,171 acres of incredible winter sport terrain. Once you arrive, you’ll be blown away by the grand scale of Whistler Blackcomb’s craggy mountainous region. No pictures in your travel guide or hotel brochure can do British Columbia justice. The stunning backdrop of tall pines and absolute white is a photographer’s paradise and Canada uncut. Thrill seekers will enjoy action-packed adventure on the slopes where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held.  Whistler Blackcomb is crawling with Australians and is the number one destination for thrilling ski and snowboard adventures. Aussies are the second biggest workforce in British Columbia. Don’t be surprised when your beer is poured by a Queenslander or if your snowboard is rented from a Victorian. Get your heart racing on the Global Pipe on Blackcomb Mountain. Experience the sheer thrill as you ski or snowboard across the Olympic standard half-cylinder into the icy-cold air. The Snow Cross Track is bustling ground with a mix of first-timers navigating the terrain. It’s also the stomping-ground for elite international athletes clad in designer snow-gear zooming through the big banks.

Banff National Park

  If you’re after a pure-snow experience, you cannot miss the astounding Banff National Park. The Canadian Rockies will satisfy the most adventurous travellers. Explore the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site from summer to winter. Banff is jam-packed with adrenalin-pumping activities. Or take the time to relax in a canoe on the peacock blue river of Lake Louise during the summer. During the winter, thousands of international revellers head to Banff to board and ski Canada's word-famous super-soft white. This destination has programs that cater to absolute beginners to more experienced boarders and skiiers. You’ll be able to polish up your carving techniques in no time. Take a break from the slopes and for those who love living on the edge, go ice-climbing. Grab some picks and set-off on an adventure around Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise.  Of course, your expert guide will help you take on the freezing mountainous terrain with only the safest equipment. Dog-sledding is another must-do experience in Banff. Sit back and watch feisty huskies pull you along so you can envisage the incredible views of the amazing wilderness. Whether you fancy yourself as a fully-fledged skiing or boarding pro, or a humble beginner, Canada takes the cake for spectacular scenery and super-soft powder. Whistler and Banff are both unforgettable skiing experiences that will have you coming back for more.   Rebecca Parish+ loves to travel and write about her experiences