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Don't lose out on skiing time

Skiing in a family or friends group is great fun… but it can sometimes become a little frustrating. How many times have you waited for seemingly hours at a mountainside café or the top or bottom of a chairlift while others a) try to work out where you are b) head to the wrong chairlift c) end up skiing the wrong piste d) get caught up in a long queue e) become swallowed by a queue for the café? Or whatever. Of course, thanks to mobile phones it has become easier over the years to stay in touch with fellow holidaymakers while in a ski resort, but even then it can be difficult to explain which chairlift you’re at, or the exact café. Don’t they always look so similar? Now a new app could make life a lot easier for skiers and snowboarders. The MotionX-GPS App for iPhone and iPod touch has been enhanced with a new ski/snowboard mode. The new features allow you to see exactly where your friends and family are on the mountain via live position updates. This is sure to make it a great deal easier for meeting up on the slopes and tracking each other. Most importantly, however, the app will mean you do not waste valuable time waiting around for each other, and instead get in more hours of skiing and snowboarding!