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Dressing Your Children for a Ski Trip

First Layer Ski Socks – Keep their feet warm with a thick pair of thermal socks – padded versions for extra cushioning are available. Just make sure you don’t give them lots of pairs of socks to wear – they will roll down inside ski boots and become uncomfortable. Thermal top – A layer to keep moisture away from their skin, this will also add an extra layer for warmth. Thermal trousers – These will keep your child warm and dry so they can ski without feeling uncomfortably hot, cold or wet from the snow. Second Layer Tracksuit bottoms and long sleeved t-shirt – Give them an extra layer to keep them extra cosy when they hit the slopes! All-in-one snowsuit – As an alternative to ski trousers and children's ski jacket, an all-in-one snowsuit is padded and warm and prevents drafts around their mid-section. Just a bit tricky to negotiate when it comes to toilet breaks! Waterproof jacket – Keep your child dry and warm with a waterproof ski jacket – choosing a waterproof version will keep them dry and warm even if they do fall over in the snow. Ski trousers – Worn over their thermal clothes and their tracksuit bottoms, ski trousers are there to keep the warm and dry. Styles with padding also help protect them if they take a tumble! Beanie/warm hat – Keeps ears and head warm and prevents heat escaping through their head. Also cushions the ski helmet. Protective Layer Goggles – Not only do ski goggles protect your child’s eyes from the direct sun, they also protect against the reflections of the sun’s rays from the snow. They will also prevent dirt or ice getting near your son or daughter’s eyes. Helmet – A vital piece of clothing for skiing, this minimises the risk of head injury and will also keep your child warm. Ensure it is well fitted for the safest option. Boots – Keep your child’s feet warm and ankles well supported when bound to the skis. Don’t buy sizes for them to grow into – get the right size to be safe.   Tips for Picking the Right Clothes for Your Child
  • Don’t pick anything in the hope that they will grow into them – if ski boots don’t fit, they’ll rub and be extremely uncomfortable, and if the helmet doesn’t fit it won’t just be uncomfortable it could be dangerous too as it could slip off or be too tight for your child.
  • Avoid putting too many layers on your child – remember they are staying active throughout the day so will be warm through activity anyway.
  • Always make your child wear sun cream with an SPF 30 or more. The sun’s rays are more intense when they are reflected off the snow so sunburn is a real possibility.
  • Children (and many adults too!) are likely to fall when skiing – waterproof gear will keep them dry even if they land in the snow, meaning they can stay warmer for longer and stay out on the slopes for longer too.