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Dry Slope Skiing UK

Dry slope skiing is basically an activity which involves skiing on a manmade ski slope. It’s usually made of artificial materials and will be found in areas where actual skiing facilities i.e. mountains wouldn’t usually be found. It is quite simply a great activity for people who love to ski but either can’t afford to get away to the Alps or elsewhere, or for those who need to practice before their ski holiday. Skiing can be a very tiring activity and if your legs aren’t super fit before you head off on your holiday, then you may experience fatigue while you are out there. The best thing to do in this case is to get into ski training on a dry ski slope. There are 56 dry ski slope centres in the UK that you can visit to get a good practice in before you hit the slopes for real. The Benefits of Dry Slope Skiing Great for Beginners If you have never skied before and you want to learn – no matter what your age – going to a dry ski slope is a great way of getting the idea of the sensation of skiing. Ok, so it’s not real snow but it’s the closest you’re going to get in the UK! Practice Techniques For those well seasoned skiers and newbies, dry ski slopes near to you are a great way of staying active off season. If you love skiing as much as you say you do, why not get out and practice your newly acquired ski techniques all year round? When you have perfected a ski technique on holiday, it would be a waste to forget it by the time your next holiday comes round. By hitting a dry ski slope once a week (or as often as you can!) you can practice those techniques again and again and by the time you’re ready for your next holiday you might even be able to hit some more advanced slopes! Save Money on a Holiday If skiing holidays really do seem too expensive after all the flights, hotels and equipment you need to buy, but you still want to try your hand at skiing or carry on doing this great winter sport, dry slopes are great. No longer do you need to spend vast amounts on buying gear and getting to those snow capped mountains – equipment you need is always available for hire and your nearest dry ski slope might only be a couple of miles down the road! Do it Anytime! Ski slopes in the Alps, America, Canada or anywhere else have seasons for skiing. With dry ski slopes you can go throughout the year – and the beauty of it is, you don’t need to wait for it to snow! Most ski centres also offer extended hours too so if you’re heading to practice your skiing technique after school or work, floodlit areas means you can even practice at night – something you couldn’t do on a mountain!