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Easy beginner hikes to impress the family

When we hear the word ‘hike’ it’s easy to assume a long uncomfortable expedition often in the cold. Yet, fear not, we’re here to show you that that isn’t the case and planning a hike with your family doesn’t have to be difficult. 


Hiking is a great way to immerse yourself in nature. You can experience your local area or somewhere new with a scenic trail, and it’s fun to get your family involved too.

Whether it’s exploring a new mountain range or just a simple walk in the woods, spending some time in the great outdoors can do wonders for the mind and body. Whatever your fitness level or hiking experience, there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your needs. With some simple planning and our helpful guide, getting started will be easy.  




Why is hiking good for you?

As a wonderful opportunity to spend time outdoors, there’s no surprise that hiking can have great benefits on your body and mind.

The fresh natural air gives you a chance to reflect on your thoughts and spark your creative thinking. You can escape from the hectic every day; turn off your electronic devices and concentrate on being in the moment.

Hiking is also a great form of exercise, you get your muscles and joints moving and the heart rate pumping, so it’s ideal if you’re looking to lose weight too.


Why is hiking fun for the family too?

With our lives getting busier, it can often be easy to forget to make time for our loved ones. A simple hike through the country gives you the chance to reconnect with your family and friends through an enjoyable and unique experience.

Being in such a peaceful and beautiful environment is great for personal development. You can push yourself and overcome challenges you didn’t think you were capable of. And what better way than to experience that with your family?




Where can you hike?

Lake District

The Lake District is a national park and home to one of England’s largest natural lakes, Windermere, as well as a mountain, Scafell Pike.

This national park has a variety of great walking trails to try. Depending on your experience and how much of a challenge you’d like, you can find just the thing for you. Including guided tours and learning navigation skills, you can easily plan a great day out in the Lake District and impress your family. 

A lot of the trails in this area are also not short of a good pub as your end destination. As after all that hard work, you’ll definitely have earnt it.

To make sure you’re accommodating for all of your family’s desires, the Lake district national park offers a range of other activities to take part in too, including cycling. So, whether you’re looking for a fun day out or a weekend break, you won’t be short of entertaining things to fill your time.




For a beautiful hike through the great English countryside, the Cotswolds has the perfect trails for you. Whether you’re searching for an adventurous challenge or a slow ramble admiring the view, you’re sure to have a great day out here.

Gather the troops and head to The Cotswold Way. A long route that stretches across 100 miles and will lead you to the glorious Georgian city, Bath. As 100 miles (undoubtedly) would take you around 10 days to complete, there are options to take the shorter walking paths and dip in and out of the trail as it suits you.

For a hike full of picturesque views as well as exciting history, the Rollright Stones is a great Cotswolds hike to take the family on. Featuring a collection of Bronze Age stone circles, there is a fascinating story to be uncovered and one that will spark your children’s interest to make it a day to remember.



Brecon Beacons

Brecon Beacons is filled with big, open spaces for you to explore. Wooden gorges to remarkable waterfalls, this is a National Park that you have to visit.

Whether you’re first-time hikers or an outdoor native, there are plenty of trails to suit everyone’s levels and needs. For mountainous adventure, try the Horseshoe Ridge Walk. It’s an upland hike that is challenging, but the view is definitely worth it. For all the stunning views without the difficulty, try the Begwns hike; it’s an easy walk on flat terrain, so a great choice if you plan to bring your children.



When to go hiking?

You might assume that your hiking adventure is limited to the summer months in the UK, yet these unique trails are open all year round and have exceptional views in winter and spring.

For easier weather conditions, aim for months were rainfall is at its lowest. In England, the driest conditions are between March and June. It’s worth bearing in mind that some of these trails can get busy in Easter and around the summer holidays, so make sure you plan in advance.



What to wear to go hiking?  

Now you’ve found your ideal destination, don’t forget a tip to making it a successful trip is packing the right clothes. Hiking shoes are essential, they’ll keep your feet protected from whatever weather comes your way, offer you plenty of support and grip on the bottom.

To guarantee a comfortable hike, make sure you wear your new hiking shoes in beforehand. Slip them on and walk around the house to break them in.  To find the right pair for you, browse the collection of boots at Simply Hike today.

Planning a fun day out hiking doesn’t have to be tricky. With a bit of planning beforehand, you’re sure to find the right hike that your family will enjoy and remember. Just as you shouldn’t let finding the ideal destination set you back, you shouldn’t let your clothing set you back either. Find everything you need at Simply Hike for your most successful hike.