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Essential Festival Survival Tips

Enjoy the music, company and camping in comfort and safety by following our sound advice for making the most of festivals:
  • Make your tent stand out - landmarks may look fine when you're at your tent but very different when you're coming back.
  • Take time to pick your pitch; definitely avoid the loos as the 'convenience' will soon be offset by the noise and smell. From the point of view of security, where you pitch is a lottery so best not to worry about it.
  • If you go in a group, stay together and look out for each other. Charge mobiles fully and keep them handy.
  • If you're on your own, get to know your neighbours and look out for each other and your gear.
  • Keep spare clothes in a plastic bag; hope for fine weather and pack for the worst.
  • Don't take anything really valuable with you; if you can't bear to lose it, leave it at home.
  • Keep your wallet/purse and mobile in a waterproof bag and stash some cash in a couple of pockets; keeping notes in bank cash bags will keep them dry.
  • Wet wipes are brilliant for keeping (more or less) clean.
  • Health & Safety - dreaded words but, in this context, means aiming to avoid making yourself vulnerable and looking out for your friends as they should for you. If somebody's 'under the weather', don't let them wander off on their own.