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Ever considered ski jumping? A beginners guide to ski jump schools

So you are looking to take you love of the snow and skiing to greater heights and soar through the skies? While ski jumping is no doubt sure to offer you just that rush, if you aren't exactly sure how to get from enjoying the slopes to going airborne yet you need not worry. There are such places that you can go to learn just how to ski jump like a pro whether you plan on simply ski jumping for your own recreation or with a team. Most of the ski jumping schools and instructional sites are affiliated with a particular team or event and you may find that in joining up with their league you will not only gain friendships but be able to push yourself in competitions. The first step in finding a good place to learn to ski jump is to enquire around the area. Contact the management of the ski jump site nearest you and find out if they have a team or schooling instructor. If they aren't certain you can ask them if they hold ski jump competitions and if they do ask to take a look at the results from the latest one. Check the results to see if there are any placings for a ski jump team that is local to you and then seek them out. Generally if there is a team they will have ski jumpers of all levels and you can start out with the beginners. Should they not be taking on newer jumpers you can ask them to direct you to the right place. Once you have hooked up with either at team or a school you will want to talk to the coach or instructors to get an idea of their philosophy and also to give them your background in skiing. Ski jumping can be dangerous if you aren't under proper guidance or aren't ready to do a particular move or technique just yet. That is why it is crucial that you are completely honest with your coach and in return ask them plenty of questions in regards to what you can expect to learn from them.  Also you may want to find out what their own experience is; how long have they been teaching, where did they learn to jump, and other such questions. If you are a parent of a child who is learning to ski jump this can be extra important as you want to make sure that whoever is leading the class not only knows what they are doing but that they are able to give each individual child the necessary attention they deserve. By doing some background checking into the school or team you can be sure that you will safely be on your way to learning to ski jump in no time. And you never know, one day you could be standing up on an awards podium!