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Exped Dry Bags Review

Exped are one of the main leaders when it comes to dry bags or packsacks. But why are Exped so popular in this market? What are they doing differently from other brands? _MG_5421 It’s pretty simple really, the dry bags from Exped just work! It’s as simple as that. No matter how long you have had an Exped dry bag and no matter what you use it for they just keep going and going. The key features with their dry bags can make a big difference. They open up wider and are wider in design over other dry bags, this means you can get things in and out of your dry bag easily without having to tip everything out. All buckles, cord, zippers used are own branded which is great in terms of quality control, as rather than Exped dealing with a third party if things go wrong, they can sort everything out their end. All seams are double stitched and sealed which gives them brilliant durability but the packsack nice and lightweight. They coat the inner of the dry bag with a bright PU coating or bright fabric covers so you can view your contents of the dry bag without having to get it all out, which is a great advantage when it comes to the larger dry bags. _MG_5419 With the high standards set by Exped its no wonder why so many people are choosing to use them for camping, hiking and expeditions. I have used many drybags over the past few years, from Gore-Tex and eVent lined ones just to cheap and cheerful unbranded ones. I invested in some Exped dry bags last year not thinking too much into it as a dry bag is a dry bag, isn't it? But the quality of these does stand out. I use the bags on a almost daily basis to help organise my day bag. The waterproofing has lasted longer than any other dry bag I have had, all the clips and buckles are still in place and they've been put through it. Even though the Exped bags are not designed to be submerged I really wanted to see what would happen, so I submerged them into a lake and they worked really well. I also tested them for buoyancy so in case of an emergency so I could use them as a sort of buoyancy aid and they did this quite well. _MG_5418 Overall Verdict: Exped dry bags are the best dry bags that I have used, the quality is next to none, the wider entry points are great and make it easier to take equipment in and out of them. For a non Gore-Tex or eVent lining bag, the waterproofing is top notch, anyone looking at getting a dry bag should look no further than Exped in my opinion.