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Family Camping Must Haves

family camping must haves Calling all family campers! Us lot here at Simply Hike have come up with a list of family camping must haves for this season! From the inflatable, to the quick pitch, to the quirky, it's all in our top picks!  

Wild Country - Etesian 4 Tent

etesian If you are after a 4 person family tent but want still want it to pack away small and be lightweight then you need to take a look at the Etesian from Wild Country. This tent has a pack size of 70cm x 24cm and has a max weight of 6.10kg which for a 4 person tent is pretty small and light weight. The Etesian has a brilliant floor plan with a max length of 380 cm and a total width of 240cm. To top it off it has a 4000 HH!

Outwell - Air Corvette Tent

Air Corvette Yes you guessed it! It's an inflatable tent! The Air Corvette from Outwell uses a two way pump to pitch this tent in minutes! If you're looking for a tent that you can pitch easily and quickly without fuss then you need to look at the Air Corvette. This Outwell tent has a pack size of 37 x 77 cm and weighs 17.9kg. The Corvette has a 5000 HH which will keep your family dry no matter the weather. This inflatable tent has a 9 rating for protection against strong gales so as long you have pegged and guy roped it properly you shouldn't have any problems with wind! Lastly the floor plan of the Corvette is great! It has an overall length of is 425 cm and is 280 cm wide.

Outwell - Hamilton Table

hamilton This is no ordinary table this is an Outwell table.... well to be more precise the Outwell Hamilton table. The Hamilton is a lightweight, quick to "pitch" table. The frame is made from aluminium making it super strong and lightweight but it still has a max load of 30kg. The Hamilton's open size is: 80 z 150 43/65/70 cm (WxLxH). This Outwell table features a carry handle for easy travel, has a small pack size for easy transport and is slim, making it easy to store.

Easy Camp - Movie Seat Double

4 Here's another inflatable product for you! This time it's the Movie Seat from Easy Camp. This seat is really easy to inflate and deflate, and because you inflate this seat you can personalise how much air you put into the movie seat making it perfect for you. When fully inflated the Movie Seat has a size of: 150 x 85 x 53cm. This Easy Camp seat gives a comfortable sitting position which doesn't take up too much space when packed away making it a perfect choice when family camping.

Vango - 24 LED Rechargeable Lantern

5 A popular lantern is the 24 LED from Vango. This lantern has 24 LED bulbs (hint's in the name) which offer a bright light and a brilliant battery life. It holds a massive 70 lumens making this a super bright lantern. The 24 LED weighs in at 923g which isn't too bad considering this includes the battery. With 10 hours of charge you get 20 hours of constant light. You can charge the battery via the mains or even your car cigarette lighter. The 24 LED has a stainless steel body, folding handle with a hanging hook and comes with a remote control with an 8 metre range.

Coleman - Raised Quickbed Queen

6 Love camping? But also love a great nights sleep? Well then look no further than the Raised Quickbed Queen from Coleman. The dimensions of this airbed are: 213 x 168 47 cm and weighs 7.25kg. The Quickbed uses an Airtight system for a leak free airbed, double lock valves which lock in the air two ways and it also has an internal coil structure which provides comfort and support. With this Coleman airbed you also get a carry bag, which works perfectly with its Wrap 'N' Roll system for easy storage. Finally, you also get a handy repair kit too.   Have you seen a product on our website that you think is a must have? Then share it with us in the comments below.