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First women's world cup ski jump champs

In a modern world it does seem a little odd that the first women’s World Cup ski jump championships has only just been launched. But it has. Following a great deal of lobbying and petitioning – and years of competing on a separate Continental Cup circuit – the world’s best women are finally able to ski jump alongside the men. Female ski jumpers have also been given a spot in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Thew winner at the weekend's event in Lillehammer, Norway, was American Sarah Hendrickson, who will go into the history books as the first women's World Cup champion. A coach at the event said: “It's a big step for women's ski jumping. For the women, it was a long time coming. They fought for many years to get into the Olympics and they finally did it. Now finally getting to World Cup on the same hill as the men, it's a big deal for all of the women here. "Finally the sport is becoming more accepted on the men's side. It's a very good day."