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Gear Review: Top 5 Helmets

Looking to get yourself a new helmet before the end of the season? Well the team here at Simply Piste have come together and picked our top 5 favourite helmets. So go make yourself a cuppa, sit back and relax and let us help you pick the right helmet. manbi-park In at number 5 we have the Manbi Park helmet. The park helmet weights only 425g and that’s pretty lightweight! Also, the air vents are adjustable meaning you can customise how you want the air flow going through your helmet. The velvet lined ear pads are removable and so are the foam inserts ensuring you get a perfect fit. The park helmet uses a quick fit size adjustment system giving you total control of how the helmet fits you. And to top it off it comes with a drawstring bag for storage. The park helmet from Manbi is a brilliant helmet when you are on a budget!     smithoptics-maze At number 4 we have the Smith Optics Maze Helmet. The maze helmet features 9 vent ports, with two being AirEvac, which work with your Smith Optics goggles. The overall weight for this helmet is 350g meaning it is really lightweight. The Maze helmet is also compatible with Skullcandy audio systems so you can listen to your music whilst hitting the piste. The Snapfit SL2 ear pads can be removed on warmer days and can also be machine washed. This in turn works with the self-adjusting lifestyle fit system which flexes around your head to give a dynamic fit that moves as you do.     anon-helo In at number 3 we have the Anon Helo Helmet. Firstly this helmet is again Skullcandy audio compatible meaning you can listen to your tunes whilst hitting the slopes. It has a total weight of 370g and the vent ports have been vented to prevent any snow going through your helmet which we think is a nice touch. The Helo uses passive ventilation which channels fresh air in the front of the helmet and pushes the moisture out to the back of the helmet, which also helps keep your goggles clear. The helo has a simple fit to it as you can remove ear pads and the lining to get your own personal fit.     smithoptics-aspect In second place we have the Smith Optics Aspect helmet. This helmet features a massive 14 air vents! It uses the AirEvac system that you find on most Smith Optics helmet keeping your goggles clear. You can also adjust the vent ports to suit your needs, giving you great customisation. This helmet is of course compatible with Skullcandy audio equipment and again the ear pads can be removed and washed. The Helo features the new dial fit system which is easier and quicker to adjust the fit of your helmet on and off piste. With all this tech the helmet still only weights 400g which is pretty cool.     anon---rodan At number 1 we have the awesome Anon Rodan Helmet. This helmet uses the boa fit system which means using the dial system in the back of the helmet you can customise the overall fit of the helmet giving you a perfect fit. The helmet uses passive ventilation which draws fresh air through the front of the helmet and pushes moisture out the back of your helmet. With this in mind the Rodan uses expedition fleece on the liner and ear pads which wicks away moisture pretty quickly and works perfectly with the passive ventilation. The Rodan uses Anon’s Strap stash system meaning your goggle strap can be worn under the helmet as well as over the top of it. The helmet uses the fidlock system on the helmet buckle which means even when wearing gloves you can unclip the helmet easily. And lastly yes it’s compatible with Skullcandy audio equipment.   There we have it, our top 5 helmets which were all picked by the Simply Piste team. Now of course we have hundreds of other helmets for Adults and kids so why not take a look at Which helmet do you use? We would love to hear your feedback so just pop in a comment below.