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Gear Review: Top 5 Sleeping Mats

If you are a part of the hard-core winter camping scene or just looking to buy a new sleeping mat but want one for all seasons, well you are reading the right blog! Let’s get stuck in shall we? Here are our top 5 sleeping mats for those cold winter nights.


 At number 5 we have the Multimat Adventure Air Mat. The reason why we have picked this sleeping mat is mainly due to its design. It is really easy to inflate and deflate thanks to its two valve system. The Adventure Mat packs away nice and small, making it ideal for any winter wild camper, and with it only weighing 430g you won’t really notice the weight in your pack.

Yes it is only a 3 season mat but the fact it can still be comfortable to sleep on even in -20°C temperatures just says it all really. When you purchase the Adventure Air Mat you even get a repair kit and stuff sack to store it in, which considering it’s really an entry level sleeping mat is a nice touch.

Overall verdict: it’s a simple structure and isn’t covered in fancy materials that reflect the heat. It’s like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin (or package in this case). If you are after a good starter sleeping mat or are hiking on a budget then the Adventure Air Mat from Multimat is a contender.

Our Rating: bar7  


 In at number 4 we have the awesome Thermarest RidgeRest SOlite. If you’re looking for a mat for the winter time but want to keep it traditional then look no further. The way the RidgeRest works is pretty simple. There are zig zag grooves in the mat which trap the air, which then warms your body up.

This means the mat reacts with your own body temperature. So when your body wants to warm up the grooves will help you warm up quicker and it’s the same effect when you want to cool down. All of this from just adding grooves into the mat! The RidgeRest also has an aluminised surface which works alongside the grooves in boosting your warmth.

Overall verdict: If you want a mat that just works in the cold weather then this is the one to look into. It’s lightweight and also rolls up just like any other roll mat. The only thing we would say is that if you do really “feel” the cold then this mat might not be best for you.

Our Rating: bar8

Thermarest Trekker

At number 3 we have the Thermarest NeoAir Trekker Mat. The Trekker is a perfect mat if you are looking for something that will keep you warm but also comfortable. The trekker has an overall thickness of 6.3cm! Now that’s pretty thick!

The grooves that you can see on the outside do two things; 1 - they show the individual channels that the air flows through within the mat, 2 - Just like the RidgeRest these grooves trap air and warm or cool you much quicker.

Yes it is only a 3 season mat but with the ThermaCapture and Triangular Core Matrix inbuilt in the Trekker it will keep you nice and warm.

Overall Verdict: This is a great mat from Thermarest that will keep you warm and is comfortable. Although it packs down to a good size, for a bit more money you can get a much smaller inflatable mat.

Our Rating: bar8


 In at number 2 we have the Multimat Superlite Mat. The Superlite is the only mat in our top 5 that is self-inflating. The Superlite has a 4 season rating meaning you will still get a comfortable night sleep on it even at -20°C and possibly even lower.

This mat is light weight (only weighing in at 475g) and has a small pack size which is ideal for any winter camper. The Superlite has a TPU membrane which gives it an airtight seal, this works perfectly with the self-inflating system.

Overall verdict: If you are after the best self-inflating 4 season sleeping mat then this is the one for you. They could have made the pack size a bit smaller but other than that it’s a great all-round, hence why it’s our number 2.

Our Rating: bar9


 And finally in at number 1 (drum roll please) we have the one and only Thermarest NeoAir Xlite mat. Right well where do we start? Firstly the pack size is small… and we really mean small, think of a 1 litre bottle… smaller than that!! Also it only weighs 350g (regular) which is just insane so not only will you be able to put it anywhere in your pack, you won’t even notice it being there!

This Xlite has been built to withstand pretty much anything. When you feel what it is made from you would think that it would rip easily but you can drag it to hell and back and it would survive as it’s such a great piece of kit. It’s no wonder that the Xlite has won the editor’s choice award in Backpacker magazine for its innovative design.

Overall verdict; It’s an amazing sleeping mat. Comfortable, easy to inflate, small and lightweight! You really do get your money's worth with this mat!

Our Rating: bar10    


There we have it our top five sleeping mats! Don’t forget though we stock tons of other sleeping mats on our website.