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Gear Review: Top 5 Tents For Wild Camping

As Spring is blooming, a lot of people (us included here at Simply Hike) are starting to sort out their kit for the Spring and Summer seasons. Wild camping is becoming more and more popular and we here at Simply Hike think that 2015 is going to be the year of wild camping. With this in mind we have come up with our very own top 5 tent picks perfect for wild camping. Of course this list is based on what we have stock at the moment (we wouldn't want to give away what stock we will be getting…well not just yet) so no doubt this top 5 will be updated throughout the year!




At number 5 we have the Banshee 300 from Vango. This tent is lightweight with a small pack size so it would be ideal for first time wild campers. With its two pole system it couldn’t be any easier to pitch this tent.




The Banshee has a 5000 HH (hydrostatic head) so no matter the weather it will keep you nice and dry. The poles are colour coded so there is no reason to stick the wrong pole in the wrong section of the tent (unless you have had a couple of beers).

The Banshee also features Vango's TBS system, giving you great security even on the windiest of days. It’s not surprising it’s recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.









In at number 4 we have the Trisar 3 from Wild Country. Wild Country is the sister company of Terra Nova so you can rest assured that this tent is pretty much bomb proof. The Trisar tent has a 4000 HH and with its semi geodesic design it can also free stand. wild-country---trisar2


The Trisar uses superflex alloy poles which are super strong but are also lightweight, making it ideal for wild camping. Due to the semi geodesic design you can pretty much pitch this tent anywhere and it will hold the ground, this is mainly due to the 3 pole cross-over giving the tent its stability.










At number 3 we have the Power Lizard SUL 1 2 person tent from Vaude. If you are looking for a lightweight and very quick pitching tent then look no further. The Lizard has a 3000 HH and with its tunnel design it’s really quick to pitch. vaude-liz2


Vaude use Yunan aluminium poles for the Lizard keeping it lightweight but super strong. The flysheet is covered in Ripstop material which means you can really put this tent through its paces, which of course is ideal for wild camping. The Lizard also comes with a gear alcove which you can store your boots and packs in safely.







And in second place we have the Superlite from Terra Nova. This is an ideal lightweight semi geodesic tent for wild camping. The Superlite has a 5000 HH and a fly sheet that is covered in Ripstop material to give you great protection.

The key component with the Superlite is the DAC poles you get with it. DAC poles are one of the lightest and most secure poles on the market to date and they work amazingly well with the semi geodesic design.




The Superlite has a silicone inner and outer which offers amazing protection from UV degradation, the silicone also boosts the water repellency of the tent. Lastly Terra Nova have thought of everything because they have even added a sleeve which covers the inner pole to prevent any internal leaks.









The top slot goes to the Vortex Lite 200 from Force Ten. Right where do we start? As you will have seen the tent has a full geodesic design, so no matter where you are wild camping the Vortex will hold its own. It has a 3000 HH which will keep you dry but also works perfectly in warmer weather.




The Vortex is an all-in-one pitch meaning you can pitch and peg within minutes (which is always handy when wild camping). Due to the full geodesic design the inside of the tent is massive giving you lots of room, but at the same time the Vortex is still lightweight and has a small pack size.

The Vortex uses Yunan UL poles which are lightweight and very strong. Lastly this tent has a silicone backed flysheet for enhanced water repellency which also gives the tent increased tear strength.







There we have it, our top 5 tents for wild camping! Of course we have hundreds of other tents on our site. What tent do you take with you when wild camping? We would love to know so just comment below!