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Getting ready for Summer

Over March we have introduced more brands to our range so that you can be ready, whether it's for a camping trip or barbecue in the garden. 

One of the brands is Stance.

Stance have turned the humble sock into an arena of art, expression and originality. Stance saw a category that had been taken for granted and overlooked, and breathed life into the world of socks, bringing athletes, performers, artists and cultural influences together to create highly unique, beautifully designed, and exceptionally practical footwear.

Creative and technically innovative, Stance socks are incredibly comfortable, featuring ergonomic support, efficient insulation, durability, seamless toe closure, and expert ventilation, all offered in inspiring style, from Disney and Star Wars to guest designs by Rihanna.

Stance socks feature trendy designs and practical durability make them a favourite with us. 


Another brand getting our wardrobe ready for summer is Keen.

Keen is a creator of footwear designed to enhance your outdoor adventures for anywhere from mountain to desert, beach to river crossings and all those places in between. Inspired by one too many stubbed toes while wearing sandals on their boats, the founders of Keen created an innovative shoe aimed at sailing and other water and outdoor activities.

Keen sandals and Keen shoes are the perfect hybrid between sandal and hiking boot that offers protection for the feet using the company's signature protective rubber toe cap. Keen walking sandals aim to eliminate any problems that come between you and your adventure and provide a superior fit, increased durability and exceptional performance and all the Keen protective sandals are suitable both in and out of the water.

Keen are committed to making a positive difference by giving back to the community and protecting the environment and this is illustrated in their Hybrid Care project. We love Keen's ethos and know you will enjoy their products.

These are just a couple of examples of our latest additions, so when you're out enjoying the sun: be prepared, stay safe and enjoy!